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Showing 1 - 52 of 72 items

Repair my Blackview smartphone at the best price

A shock and here's your smartphone blackview virtually unusable. You don't have to throw it in the trash. With Discountmymobile,you just need just a few clicks to choose the screen or spare part you want and order it.

With us, all versions are in the spotlight. New to old, you'll have no trouble finding the right piece for you. For example, we offer accessories such as main link tablecloths perfect for the motherboards of the S8Blackview. New E7 Blackview screens,speakers and charging connectors forBlackview BV9000 and BV9000 PRO. Thousands of screens and spare parts are available on our revolutionary platform. The new one at a price more than incredible.

Your satisfaction being our priority, with Discountmymobile,you will find on a reduced budget perfect accessories to give your old models Blackview a more majestic second life. Aware of your needs, we have put together numerous tests designed to test each of the products we put at your fingertips. Quality at a lower cost is at Discountmymobile so don't waste any more time and order fast.

In addition, to please you, most of the purchases you make on Discountmymobile come with many very practical benefits for you. For example, essential tool kits for self repair your smartphone and customer service available through chat or email.

  • P6000

    P6000 smartphone Blackview troubleshooting

  • BV9000 / BV9000 Pro

    Replacement parts and screens Blackview BV9000

  • A10

    Fix my Blackview A10 smartphone

  • S8

    Repair Blackview S8

  • A7 / A7 Pro

    Repair the screen of my A7 Blackview

    When you have a smartphone that fills us with a beautiful 5" screen and a resolution of 1280x720p, like your Blackview A7 it is important to be very careful when handling it. However, even a small error is likely to cause a huge physical degradation of it. If that happens, don't bother and take a ride on Discountmymobile.

    Our platform offers you in complete detail all new and original screens from the Blackview brand and the range of A7 and A7 PRO. Enjoy premium products now at prices that defy your thoughts. With us, the joy of repairing your phone will be as great as the day you acquired it. In addition our products are guaranteed six months (excluding scraps) which gives you good security of use.

    With Discountmymobile,you can now access a wide range of screens and spare partsthat are compatible with your urgent needs. So you can get into the dance and buy a new screen at discount prices. Just to please you, a special 7-piece smartphone dismantling set is OFFERT with every screen you order. It's up to you.

  • BV4000 / BV400 Pro

    Repair Blackview BV4000 / BV4000 Pro

  • BV8000 / BV8000 Pro

    Repair Blackview BV8000 / BV8000 Pro

    How long have you been told that good things never last? Don't experience it with the smartphone Blackview BV8000 or its PROversion. Indeed, from now on, in case of minor or major problems such as a broken screen, loss of colors or even traces of breakage or wear, no worries ...

    With Discountmymobile,enjoy a wide range of screens and accessories perfect for solving your phone's problems. Whether it's the display, or the motherboard, with us you'll find the right piece at the best price. In addition, our products are certified by a battery of experts who test them in every nook and cran at least before any shipments. This allows each of our expeditions to be safe and controlled in every physical and technical detail. Knowing the hardness of life, at discountmymobile,we decided to help you by giving you access to these products at an incredible price and really reduced. Avoid headaches by ordering your screens and spare parts from us now.

    So keep your Black View 8000/PRO for years without any problems and make the most of it with our replacement parts for Black View 8000/PRO.

    Welcome to Discountmymobile.

  • P2 Lite

    Repairing my smartphone Blackview P2 Lite

  • A9 Pro

    Fix my A9 Pro Blackview screen

    The blackview in the world are well known as devices that are increasingly counterfeited across countries. Therefore, it is quite normal that when your A9 Pro suffers damage, fear fills your heart. Indeed, the screen and spare parts produced for this jewel can be rare and even, when you find it, well it's often counterfeit.

    No more panic, Discountmymobile is here to breathe new life into hope. We offer unique and authentic products that fit perfectly with your phone. With us, everything has been designed so that you can enjoy the best elements even the rarest at magical prices. For this reason, every screen and spare for A9 PRO is tested in real shock or fall conditions. This is to reassure us of the good quality of the products we offer. This allows you to have confidence in the choice you make.

    Don't imagine being forced to trash your A9 PRO because of a broken screen or other damaged part. From now on, you can enjoy a selection of solutions tailored to your needs and at the best price in our Discountmymobilestore.

  • BV7000 / BV7000 Pro

    Repair my smartphone Blackview BV7000

    Have you always dreamed of a platform that would help you if something goes wrong on your smartphone? Well, we made your wish come true. Indeed, thanks to Discountmymobile,you have access to a range of unique screens and parts and practical ideal to revive your Blackview BV7000/7000 PRO. At home, screens and spare parts are our daily routine. We provide you with good quality products that are durable and durable over time. Whether you are to the north, south, east or even west, we deliver you on time and for free.
    In addition, through our expert work, we guarantee products that meet the international standards set by the manufacturer. No need to be ripped off by technicians who offer you parts at high prices and often of questionable quality. Discountmymobile is the ideal platform to buy and receive the screens and spare parts of your Blackview BV7000/7000 PRO without any form of constraint.
    With set tools 7 pieces of dismantling / reassembly, you can easily and simply replace your screen yourself. You will thus carry out a personal and mastered work that will certainly make your greatest pleasure. And not to mention saving money rather than squandering your budget at a repairer.

    Order from Discountmymobile you will find the smartphone replacement partsBlackview BV7000 7000 PRO made for your phone.

  • P2

    Repairing my P2 Blackview

    The P2blackview is a phone your wife loves, but unfortunately her screen is broken? Thankfully we're here for this kind of trouble. No need to invest heavily in buying a new smartphone for it. Indeed, with just a few clicks you can easily get the screen and spare parts of this beautiful jewel in order to restore it.

    With Discounmymobile,this is almost as easy as a breeze. Just ask and we will fulfill your wish. For us, the priority is excellence and good quality at low prices. That's why we provide you with screens and spare parts that have undergone a variety of tests. These are for example colorimetry and digitizer response tests whose purpose is to allow you to get the best at a low price.

    All over the world we are committed to delivering your order on time without any kind of hassle. In addition to more seriousness, we offer useful accessories to better protect your wife's smartphone, with each replacement screen ordered, a tempered glass window will be offered to protect the new screen from future impacts to come. So give your other half the repair of the laptop they love so much by giving it back a new and perfect physical and technical look. By doing the repairs yourself, you will be sure to show him your devotion.

    Order your P2Blackview Screen Kit now at Discountmymobile!

  • R6

    Repair Blackview R6

    There are times when you think you're an athlete from another world. We start to do unexpected tricks and at the end of our choreography, it is the smartphone that pays the most for the broken pots. If this is your case, then welcome to Discountmymobile. We don't replace your phone, but we offer you the ability to change damaged items with screens and spare parts perfect for your R6blackview.

    Identical to the original elements, the one we put at your fingertips is even stronger and more suited to your needs. Whether it's for a motherboard, circuit or any other damaged item, we make sure products meet current standards and regulations. Each of them is therefore tested before any shipment, and this for the sole purpose of providing you with safe and reliable elements for the repair of your technological jewel.

    So don't lose a lot of money by completely changing your phone Blackview R6. With a few euros, you can simply and quickly give life to the latter and find it even newer and more powerful than before thanks to our tool set offered with each replacement screen to make it easier to disassemble.

  • A8 Max

    Or fix my Blackview A8 Max smartphone?

    Wanting to take your A8 MAXblackview out of your pocket, he slipped your hands and fell? This kind of fall usually causes cracks on the screen which makes it unusable and even unreadable because of the black spots that appear there.

    Don't panic. Useful solutions exist to give your precious phone a second life. Among them: Discountmymobile. We are a structure that over the years has specialized in the trade of smartphone screens and spare parts and especially those of the range Blackview. So, to your delight we offer the curved LCD IPS screen of your A8 MAX at a magical price. In addition for throes our screens are new and original. This allows you to enter into possession of authentic and durable product. You can easily find the pleasure of handling your phone by placing your order quickly on our website. We are able to deliver for free and this anywhere in the world (express also available).

    So don't wait any longer now, give your blackview A8 MAX a new and more enjoyable life than the one before.

    Discountmymobile is at your service!

  • BV6000 / BV6000S

    Repair my smartphone Blackview BV6000

    I don't mean to scare you, but 75% of smartphone screens end up cracking because of several reasons. Either this is due to a shock or it is created by a fall or an impact. If today is your case, don't worry Discountmymobile is there for you. Indeed, this jewel has been designed and created with the sole purpose of giving you the opportunity to enter into possession ofscreens and spare parts necessary for the proper functioning of yourBlackview 6000/6000 s.

    We put at your physical and financial fingertips products of very high quality designed to restore a pleasant image to your phone. Don't get stressed anymore because of an unintentional accident that causes your problems. We are the solution, because we have with us qualified experts for many years who carefully check every piece we offer you.

    Every screen and spare room we send you is perfect for refurbishing your smartphone. So no need to give up your data in your phone because of a breakdown. With us you will be able to find your phone like at the beginning without breaking the bank.

    Order your BV6000 Blackview screen kit at the best price at Discountmymobile!

  • BV5000

    Repairing my smartphone Blackview BV5000

    The Blackview BV5000 is a very interesting smartphone because of its physical and technical performance. This gem allows you without worry to save your work, research and documents without any problems. So when the screen of the latter comes to be damaged as a result of a shock or a voluntary or involuntary fall it is normal that you think that your world will collapse.

    Discountmymobile is here to give you a new smile on your face. Indeed, enjoy spare parts and spare screens ideal for your smartphone. For your Blackview BV5000, we put at your fingertips all the important elements suitable for its proper functioning. Available worldwide, we deliver our products wherever you are, in accordance with established rules. In addition, every part you buy is under warranty and has been carefully analyzed before shipping.

    So no need to break your head because of a replacement part for your blackview BV5000. We have the solution that will give you faith in the power of your smartphone. So, without further ado, order to be able to replace the damaged elements and enjoy your precious again.

    Screen kit Blackview BV5000, comes with its accessories and available at Discountmymobile.