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écrans et pièces de remplacement Samsung Galaxy Série M à prix discount !  There are 8 products.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Samsung Galaxy M smartphone repair

The Samsung brand has unveiled just a few weeks before the release of the S10, a new range of smartphones: the Galaxy M. This novelty is inspired by the Xiaomiformula, but with more interesting technical sheets and "premium" designs. In case of a minor mishap, break, cracking, damaged glass or spare parts failure, do not throw your phone in the trash. With Discountmymobile,a site that specializes in the sale of spare parts, you can repair your precious phone in minutes. This will give life to all Samsung smartphone owners. The store offers: full screen kits, tempered glass protective windows and special spare parts suitable for different versions of the Samsung Galaxy M.

Samsung: a wide variety of qualityproducts.

Samsung is a South Korean firm that includes several major companies, including Samsung Electronic. This company specializes in the production of smartphones and televisions. Since its inception, Samsung has consistently given the best phone and currently the ranges of smartphones are identified by the series: Galaxy A, Galaxy J, Galaxy M, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold.

Adopt discountmymobile's complete repair kit

Unfortunately, most owners of this kind of technology are unable to keep a screen intact. The cause? Accidental fall or mishandling. Without the screen, you can't access your files and the entire system. Instead of throwing away your investment, try repairing this flagship component of your smartphone. Discountmymobile offers a repair kit that contains a complete screen with assembly and ready to be installed, dismantling tools, adhesive for positioning and a tempered glass window for protection against shocks and scratches. The shop offers the best services to satisfy you.

A phone repaired as new

Samsung brand smartphones are considered high-end accessories. Nowadays, they are not accessible to everyone because of its rather high price. And even if you have one, having to replace it in the event of a breakdown or break can tear the heart. Fortunately, at Discountmymobile,you'll find everything you need to fix your device like new. Several repair parts are available on the shop's website namely: camera modules, stop-walking tablecloths, volume tablecloths, load connectors, full screen kits, replacement rear shells, screen support frames, various replacement buttons. Etc.

For your satisfaction, the shop makes a free delivery of all the products you order on the site. In the event of a defect, which is really rare, it undertakes to replace the defective accessories of its customers. Besides, there is a 6-month warranty for all spare parts. And to satisfy all customers, Discountmymobile offers products at a low price.

  • Galaxy M40 (2019)

    Replacement parts Galaxy M40 M405FD

  • M30s (2019)

    Galaxy M30s M307FD troubleshooting

  • Galaxy M30 (2019)

    Galaxy M30 M305M Repair

    Do you use a Samsung Galaxy M30 - M305M? Did you have a fall, which caused the damage to his screen? However, you don't want to spend a fortune to buy a new one, yet you really need a phone, so what to do? Why not just replace the screen? With Discountmymobile,anything is possible!

    Easily replace your broken screen

    You won't have to look far to find a solution for your smartphone's damaged screen. From now on, you can visit the Discountmymobile website and order their Galaxy M30 repair kit. The latter includes a new screen, a tempered glass that will allow you to protect it, and the 7 essential tools to carry out the dismantling.

    You can buy this kit at a very reasonable price while taking advantage of the warranty offered by Discountmymobile. In addition, you won't have to spend more to receive the package, since delivery is available.

    Who is Discountmymobile?

    Discountmymobile is a site known as being a specialist in salesof screens and spare parts for any Samsung Galaxy smartphonemodel. Therefore, if you have any need for telephony, you can very well visit his online shop.

    By using its service, you can benefit from a tailor-made support, as technicians will be able to advise you on all the purchase you make at home. In addition, all the products you will see are all of the quality, in order to satisfy the most difficult customers.

    Already an expert in the field, Discountmymobile offers its services to all people who have problems with their smartphone. You can even buy a new one if you no longer want to use the old one.

  • Galaxy M20 (2019)

    Galaxy M20 M205FD Repair

  • Galaxy M10 (2019)

    Galaxy M10 M105FD Repair