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Réparez votre écran cassé Samsung Galaxy Tab au meilleur prix !  There are 155 products.

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1 display - 52 / 155 articles

How do I fix the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Tab touchscreen?


Did the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet just break? Do you want to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers screens for all different tablet models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab brand in its shop dedicated to smartphone parts and screens. Search, find, order and have the free screen you need to get your Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet back up and running.

Since its launch on the touch tablet market in 2010 with Galaxy TAB, Samsung has produced for several generations of tablets of impressive quality. For family or business use, the Samsung Galaxy TAB has imposed itself on us to the point where it has become difficult to do without. But being fragile like any technological support, it is essential to have Samsung TAB spare parts in case of trouble. So to resuscitate your Samsungtablet, Discountmymobile offers various original Samsung TAB spare parts.

So you can fix your tablet yourself and remedy your daily worries. Following a broken screen, a faulty touchscreen, a battery that no longer holds the length, a sensor that no longer responds, etc. do not hesitate to call on our team to refurbish your Samsung tablet. Our experts are at your disposal to help repair your Samsung TAB regardless of the model and thus help you make real savings.

Our range of screens pour samsung TAB

Over time, theSamsung TAB screen may have display problems or touch can have trouble responding. There are several reasons why you may change your Samsung tablet screen (broken screen, black screen, dead pixels, bland colors, color lines, etc.) and for all of them, trust Discountmymobile to provide you with a new and original one. We offer LCD screens identical to the originals like this full LCD screen - touch pane pour samsung Galaxy A Tab 9.7'' T550, this full LCD screen - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 '' P5100 P5110 and even older models like the Galaxy P6800.

We also have screens for other tablet models and all our parts are original and new. These screens will allow you to find a quality display and optimal navigation. They fit in easily with your Samsung tablet and you won't see the difference after the replacement. Our experts select, check and test all the screens available in-store to ensure they work perfectly. As a bonus, you'll find all the necessary tools offered for free to disassemble and reassemble your Samsung TAB display.

Depending on the ailments of your tablet you will need to replace either the Touch Glass, the LCD screen or the LCD-glass set assembled.

Our Samsung TAB batteries

The battery life of your tablet can be poor for a variety of problems, including the inability to charge the tablet, low battery life, an inflated battery, etc. Expert in Samsung tablet parts, Discountmymobile allows you to enjoy optimal tablet capacity with many new batteries for all generations Samsung TAB. Different capacities, these batteries are available at a very good price, you can mount them yourself and thus extend the life of your device. We offer Li-ion batteries for the same battery life as the original battery.

Various tablecloths for your Samsung tablets

Discountmymobile helps
you enjoy your device as in the early days by providing you with several tablecloths for various problems. For this purpose, you'll find Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5'S keyboard slicks, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LCD screen link tablecloths, 'T800', speaker tablecloths - power and volume, front camera module tablecloths Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1'' P5200 P5210, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7'' T550 T555 charge nappes clavier slicks, On Off - Volume Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4'' T320... nappes connecteur de charge Samsung Galaxy Tab Etc.

With regard to the ignition slickin particular, it will be used in cases where your tablet's tablecloth is torn, if the ignition button moves, no longer clicks or is stuck, blocked or even pressed. We offer Samsung Galaxy TAB tablecloths to replace the damaged one yourself. In case you are having trouble replacing a tablecloth, please call on our experts.

Our other spare parts

You will also find in our online store other Samsung Galaxy Tab spare parts such as Galaxy TAB screen supports chassis,touch screen windows.... châssis We sell chassis and windows separately and when buying, we recommend checking the compatibility of each piece with your Samsungtablet. Before mounting a screen on its chassis, it is also advisable to be careful not to tear the tablecloths all around and to clean it all well to remove debris that could damage your device. The difference with Discountmymobile is that all Samsung Galaxy Tab spare parts are new, original and expertly tested.

Customer Service and Guarantee

All spare parts or replacement screens for Samsung Galaxy TAB tablets sold on our Discountmymobile website are covered by a total warranty of 6 months. In the case of a defect found, the product must be returned to us in its original state (excluding breakage, bonding, customer customization) in view of a quick exchange.

If you would like more information about the Galaxy TAB parts and screens offered by Discountmymobile,you can contact our sales team via online chat or email and you will get a quick response to any request.

Fix your tablet with Discountmymobile

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