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Pièces de réparation et écrans Blackview à prix discount  There are 157 products.

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1 display - 52 / 157 articles

How to fix your phone screenBlackview

Over the past 12 years, smartphone brands that arrive in France to meet the needs of consumers have been growing year after year. From different countries, these smartphones all have common similarities and specificities. A brand that stands out by its high-tech, Blackview is also a must in the mobile phone sector in France and Europe by creating smartphone models that live up to the expectations of any French and foreign user...

Do you have a Blackview smartphone? For different reasons does its screen or touch screen need to be changed? Stop your search, because at Discountmymobile,we offer you everything you need to find the original state of your smartphone on our site.

Smartphone specifics Blackview

Founded recently in March 2013, Blackview is a Chinese mobile phone company whose creator is the famous entrepreneur Xu Ming. Currently, the brand is owned by Shenzhen Doke Electronic Co. Ltd.. And even though its headquarters are in Shenzen in the People's Republic of China, the company is doing its best to introduce its products to consumers around the world. As a result of its efforts, the brand has become one of the world's leading smartphones in the design of high-end smartphones at a price accessible to all.

Every smartphone designed by the brand undergoes rigorous testing before they are launched on the market. Speaking of quality, we can say that smartphones Blackview meet standards for the benefit of users. However, for many reasons, you may want to change parts of your Blackview such as its rear shell, charging connector, full screen or touch window, and that's when Discountmymobile comes in. In our category, you will quickly find replacement or repair parts ideal for your Blackview.

Smartphones Blackview : our priority

World-renowned smartphones Blackview easily integrate into many markets around the world. After conquering Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Greece, Malaysia and the Philippines, it is now turning to the French market to benefit more users.

Like any other respectable smartphone brand, the Blackview is particularly highlighted at Discountmymobile. Whether you have a Blackview in the BV, P or A category, we offer different types of spare parts, repair and protection of your good old smartphone. Indeed, we have at our disposal a wide range of products that meet the standards of the brandBlackview.

You have a blackview BV5800 Pro,a BV6000 S, a BV8000 Pro,a BV9000,an A7,a P6000 or a P10000 Pro? And as a result of an incident, has it broken or has various scratches on the screen or in other visible or not visible parts? You can order spare parts at any time via our Discountmymobilewebsite. Your order will be a priority.

Bespoke replacement screens for a Blackview

The screen is probably one of the key elements that make up a smartphone. The screen allows you to view all the features presented by the device and ensures an interaction between the user and the device. Without a screen, a smartphone is not one of them and if it encounters various problems after one or more incidents, it will become difficult for you to exploit it properly.

Therefore, if your Blackview screen has broken or is scratched, we offer custom replacement screen models depending on the serial number and morphology of the smartphone. Also, if after exploring our product category for Blackview, you can't find the replacement screen for your model, contact us! And we will do everything we can to present it to you soon.

Extra gifts?

If there's one reason we've thought about developing this site, it's to make it easy for you to find spare parts, protection and replacement screens for your smartphone Blackview. Extra gifts? We have everything planned to better satisfy you.

For every replacement screen Blackview purchased, enjoy a 7-piece tool kit, tempered glass protection and a delivery.

Welcome to Discountmymobile.

  • BV4900

    Smartphone Repair Blackview BV4900

    Original and new screens Blackview BV4900

  • BV6300 Pro

    Fix my smartphone Blackview BV6300 Pro

  • BV6900

    Helping my smartphone Blackview BV6900

  • BV9600E

    Smartphone repair Blackview BV9600E

  • BV9900 BV9900 Pro BV9900e

    Change screen Blackview BV9900 Pro

    Original and new screens Blackview BV9900 BV9900 Pro BV9900e

    Thescreen of your smartphone Blackview model Blackview BV9900 or BV9900 Pro broke and you don't want a perfectly compatible replacement part, no worries. We have exactly what you need, original and new Blackview BV9900 or BV9900 Pro screens. You will be able to replace your damaged screen outright without any risk with the guarantee of having a replacement screen Blackview original and new BV9900 and BV9900e. The Blackview smartphone parts offered by are, as always, at the most attractive prices on the market.

    Original and new screens

    We focus on the performance of the smartphone screens we sell to our customers. We are therefore particularly interested in the quality of our products, so we have acquired high quality spare parts from our suppliers. The replacement screens pour blackview BV9900e and BV9900 that we sell are thus perfectly compatible with your smartphone Blackview.

    Our offer is thus guaranteed high performance and thus little duration. Our replacement screens pour blackview BV9900 as well as our BV9900 Pro replacement screens are original and new for efficiency. As usual, our offers are accompanied by many gifts and benefits to better satisfy you.

    Your bespoke service

    We are here to accompany you in your various screen choicesBlackview BV9900e and BV9900 Pro, so you will benefit from many important tips. The choice of your order will be closed by a fairly fast delivery, regardless of the module chosen. Whether it's an express delivery or a free delivery, you're guaranteed to have your new and original spare part very quickly and perfectly well packaged. Trust us to find you original and new screens that meet all manufacturers' standards and guarantee for at least one year of use (excluding scraps).

  • A80 / A80 Pro

    Replace A80 Pro Blackview Screen

  • BV9800 / BV9800 Pro

    Repair the broken screen of my Blackview BV9800 Pro

  • BV5900

    Helping my smartphone Blackview BV5900

  • BV6100

    Repair my smartphone Blackview BV6100

  • BV9100

    Repair my smartphone Blackview BV9100

    Considered one of the most secure phones in the world, theBlackview are true phones that combine robustness and incredible technical features. The Blackview BV9100 for example is a monster with a capacity of 64GB in terms of storage and 4GB of RAM. Combined with these, an overpowering octacore processor that can perform calculations quickly and easily is integrated. With all this it is therefore quite understandable that you have fallen madly in love with the latter. But very quickly the beautiful story between you turned into a nightmare because of a fall that completely disfigured his screen.

    Discountmymobile: the right solution to all problems

    When you buy a smartphone like the Blackview BV9100, it quickly becomes the apple of your eyes. However, it is not clear that since the man has not yet created an indestructible device, this one after a fairly violent shock has seen his display system take a serious hit. Now, rainbow colors are highlighted, regardless of the manipulation. And let's not talk about cracks that affect usage, but also the design of the smartphone.

    Too much is too much and Discountmymobile is perfectly agree with you. To help you, our online sales site has screen and spare parts Blackview BV9100. Enjoy a 6.3- IPS screen with 2340-1080 pixels perfect to replace the defective one on your smartphone. So why worry too much when a few clicks are enough to fix it.

    In some cases, it is possible that photographic modules are affected during a shock. Indeed, the camera modules Blackview BV9100 are arranged in such a way as to help you take images of an indescribable quality 16 MPx - 0.3 MPx in the back and 16 MPx in the front. In the case of a malfunction, you will soon be able to benefit from a new module and this at a very low price. You will be able to rediscover the pleasure of taking selfies with your loved ones without any limits.

    The smartphone Blackview BV9100 released this year 2019 is a phone with a battery of 13000 mAh. Which is damn useful in many situations and especially no matter where you live. Why have to say goodbye to this monster because of an out-of-service microphone or a speaker that is down when you can enjoy it for years thanks to the screens and repair parts Blackview BV9100 from Discountmymobile.

    The same goal for each situation

    At Discountmymobile,we have a philosophy. There is no need to throw away what can be repaired and refurbished. In this momentum, we put in place for you all the ideal physical and technical devices to regain the pleasure of using your phone. You'll find screens and replacement parts Blackview BV9100 needed to maintain your device at very competitive prices.

    Whatever the situation, the circumstances and even the consequences, you can always count on Discountmymobile to help you find in record time a smartphone as new and beautiful as it was on the first day of its purchase.

  • BV9700 Pro

    Replace my Blackview BV9700 Pro screen

    Discountmymobile is a platform that allows you to quickly and cheaply find spare parts from most phone brands in the world. Whether it is of American, Chinese or even European origin, our site has a replacement room library as large as it is diverse. So if your smartphone blackview BV9700 Pro has suffered physical or technical damage, don't hesitate to go to the parent platform. You'll find a range of ideal pieces to make you want to spend your days handling your powerful phone. In addition, all our products are offered at discount prices which will make you save just extraordinary.

    All parts pour blackview BV9700 Pro

    If your blackview BV9700 Pro has suffered for example a shock that had the effect of creating a screen with cracks spider web style, it's not worth thinking about buying a brand new phone. It would cost you a real fortune. Instead, it's a new replacement screen certified by experts in the field. offers 5, 84-inch Full HD-type IPS blackview BV9700 Pro screens in this momentum, ideal for changing your broken ones.

    So don't do without 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and one of the most powerful Helio P70 processors in blackview because of a damaged screen or connection slick. At Discountmymobile,we think that nothing should stand between you and your smartphone that's why we offer 16MP camera modules if it's the one in the front that's damaged or 16-8MP in the case of the rear. In addition, as they are original, these cameras are equipped with night vision system.

    Do you think the hull of the blackview BV9700 Pro is expensive and it's better to wait until it's completely out of service to replace it? So take a ride on our platform and enjoy our solid hulls and certify IP68 water and dust resistant. Whatever the colors, you'll find what you're looking for.

    Like these you will find many other spare parts pour blackview BV9700 Pro. Whether it's tiny items like microphones or larger ones like screen media and more, you won't miss anything. All as always at discount prices. So say goodbye to the huge sums you would have had to spend in a break-up or breakdown situation.

    Improved sales service

    At Discountmymobile,your worries are never minimal. That's why we always listen attentively to each of your claims, regardless of their nature and purpose. To do this, chat and email communication services have been set up to allow for faster and easier exchange between you and us.

    At Discountmymobile your satisfaction is our greatest success. That's why every screen and spare parts of blackview BV9700 Pro you order are guaranteed and tested before shipping.

  • A60 / A60 Pro

    Helping my smartphone screen Blackview A60

    For more than a decade, smartphones have entered human life and over time have expanded the space and time devoted to it. Today, many people use it to work, play, share and even entertain or create. The blackview A60 is a phone that easily sticks to the skin because of its design and fascinating features. It would therefore be absurd for you to drop a phone like this because of a screen that has been damaged. Especially if this phone is for you as for many, an ultra important object.

    Discountmymobile: solutions for repairing your phone

    Yes yes, you can repair your blackview A60 without erasing your past data with Discountmymobile. Simply connect to the platform using another phone, tablet or even a computer. Once done, you'll be able to find the exact element that keeps your smartphone from functioning normally.

    For example, the 6.1" screen of your blackview A60 has broken or cracked, and handling it will become more and more complicated. Between the wrong commands and especially the gashes you will make your fingers, the tension could quickly rise. Then a ride on Discountmymobile will allow you to find for example IPS replacement screens of 1280 x 600 pixels to blackview A60 perfect to change yours become impossible to handle. As simple as it is practical. In addition, each screen is always expert to be sure of its quality and especially its reliability.

    Other technical failures such as the load circuit may unintentionally emerge. Quite annoying when you know that one of the areas of competence of the brand Blackview is precisely autonomy. Failed circuit means impossible battery charging. Fortunately, once again Discountmymobile saves you the day by putting at your fingertips a multitude of charging circuits that match exactly the one damaged on your phone. Here too, everything is done to ensure that you get the best and this, at the cost of nothing.

    So you'll understand that. Discountmymobile puts all the spare parts blackview A60 you need to give your flagship a new and more hectic use than the first. With our revolutionary platform, you'll always feel like you've bought your phone recently. Because, with each failure, a solution is always available on the platform.

    Discountmymobile: a harmony between you and us

    It's a rule here. Your happiness is our greatest achievement. To do this, as in any good relationship, we make every effort to make you feel comfortable, both during your order and after receiving it. Indeed, to make the repair task easier, a set dismantling tools is OFFERT with any screen kit order Blackview A60 to help you disassemble your phone as an expert to carry out the repair. What could be more beautiful and gratifying than rebuilding even your smartphone blackview A60?

  • Max 1

    Find the replacement screen for my Blackview Max 1

    You had just taken the Blackview Max 1 smartphone and enjoyed its laser projector, multitouch OLED display and 16-0.3MP front cameras and 16MP rear to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Unfortunately, this one inadvertently suffered a powerful shock and you wonder if it should be changed or repaired? So Discountmymobile tells you repair it yourself. Yes yes, yourself thanks to its multiple techniques and tools. Indeed, our platform that offers you an authentic and unique range of screens and smartphone parts of all brands and all sides. This means a 6.01-inch AMOLED replacement screen for your Blackview Max 1 and many other accessories that are all more exceptional than the others.

    Replacement parts for your Blackview Max 1

    So, to easily and quickly repair yourBlackview Max 1, you will be able to benefit from our complete and very varied range of FHD screens AMOLED Blavkview Max 1. No matter what caused the crack on your screen, you can order a new, original and brand new one in seconds.

    With its powerful motherboard, the Blackview Max 1 respects at all levels the different demands of a mid-range smartphone. And this, because it carries the characteristics that seduced you the first time. That means an MT6763T processor, an Arm Mali — G71 — MP2 clocked at 770 MHz. 6GB of RAM for unparalleled fluidity. And finally, it offers 64GB of memory to help you record all your music, video photo and even other private personal data. So why risk losing such a jewel when you can give it a chance to make you spend unforgettable moments. With us you will find in some searches your phone will be as if it had never suffered any damage.

    Discountmymobile In addition to the screens also offers other spare parts that can help you repair yourBlackview Max 1. We find a camera module, a microphone module, a speaker module to make calls and listen to music, a tablecloth with fingerprint system or even a replacement rear shell ..... You can also benefit from new main connection slicks, which are essential for connecting your screen to your Blackview Max 1' motherboard.

    One of the biggest advantages of contacting us at Discountmymobile is that you can save money virtually any way. Indeed, from a financial point of view, you will benefit from a saving of time and the latter will be accompanied by technical knowledge. This means that our ambition is to make it easier for you. This is why a set disassembly tool consisting of screwdriver, adhesive, pliers as well as a glass glass tempered protection to protect the new screen from future shocks to come.

    Discountmymobile, the choice of quality

    Discountmymobile is an innovative platform that allows you to place your orders without fear and above all easily. Indeed, we guarantee our products and put on the market only those who have undergone satisfactory physical and technical tests.

  • BV5500 BV5500 Pro...

    Fix my smartphone Blackview BV5500 Pro

    In the world of flagships these are two real monsters designed and designed by the Chinese giant. Virtually identical in many respects the Blackview BV5500 Pro has however some rather light advanced on its little brother the Blackview BV5500 Plus, but still very useful for you. If after choosing any of these smartphones this one accidentally broke, it's not really worth panicking. There is a unique and virtually magical platform that will allow you to find the majority if not all spare parts Blackview BV5500 or BV5500 Pro.

    Discountmymobile: a world apart

    So if you're in a situation where your Blackview BV5500/BV5500 Pro unfortunately suffered a shock that knocked him out then don't worry anymore, because this kind of problem is common, this happens to many people, and Discountmymobile is there to bring a simple, quick and effective solution. So no need to paint the world black when you can in two or three clicks get your hands on a Blackview functional smartphone.

    In case the impact has affected elements such as the rear hull, the speaker module, the power ignition slick or volume..., be all the more reassured that we also have these parts in stock. With us, among the spare parts Blackview BV5500 and BV5500 Pro you have a variety of repair parts that meet the features required for your Blackview. By consulting our platform, you have the assurance of finding what you need without any fear. So give voice or color back to your phone to follow your music, exchange with others and watch your favorite videos.

    One of the biggest fears after a shock is that the phone's display will suffer serious damage. When this is the case, it is sometimes easy to imagine spending the worst sums either in repair or for a new purchase. With Discountmymobile you can quickly enjoy the 16GB of storage memory and fluidity that the 3GB of RAM in your Blackview BV5500 Pluswill soon enjoy. This, by easily ordering on the platform an HD screen of 1440-720 pixels designed with precision and only for your smartphone Blackview BV5500. Although it's an entry-level phone, this gem still has a good setup.

    Shocks and failures can also cause malfunction on many other elements such as the hull, charging circuit, photo modules and many other sensitive parts. Therefore Discountmymobile offers IP65 IP69K certified shells stored and tested to international standards.

    Good quality low price

    Knowing the harshness of life today, Discountmymobile has made it its main objective to help you benefit from help and follow-up of each of your orders. Indeed each product i.e. screen and spare parts Blackview BV5500 Pro that you order is thoroughly tested before sending. This allows us to ensure the good quality of what you will receive at home. In addition, the prices are very low, because we want to help you repair your smartphones with the least possible spend. That's what choosing our Discountmymobileshop.

  • A30

    Find the replacement screen for my smartphone Blackview A30

    blackview is an American company that for some years has already produced entry, medium, and high-end smartphones that compete rather well with the best phone brands in the world. The robust stylus that the firm's engineers offer to all their devices makes them solid and proof of almost anything. This is the case for example of the blackview A30 which combines this solidity with rather impressive technical characteristics. Indeed, this jewel has a 5, 5-inch-sized screen running on IPS technology. Equipped with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, this is the perfect device. So it's quite normal that you have given in to its particular charm and elegance. However, your A30blackview may experience malfunctions such as a black screen, an unusual color play, or even fluidity concerns. This may be due to a shock or other unintentional phenomenon. Discountmymobile is in this kind of situation the right platform to get your smartphone back on its feet by spending 3 times nothing.

    blackview A30: a new era for spare parts

    Why are you thinking of parting with your blackview A30 with which you have experienced so much adventure because of an accidental fall when you can repair everything with a click. Discountmymobile is the perfect platform for 5.5-inch diagonal IPS displays at an incredible price.

    Simply and easily, transform yourself into a modern-day technician to get your phone back on your feet, thanks to the dismantling tool set that accompanies the purchase of your screen with a resolution of 1132 X 540 pixels. This will save you money and bring you a little more knowledge in the field.

    At Discountmymobile,we never do enough for you. So, if you realize that at some point the phone is overheating, turning off on its own or crashing, why not order one of the spare parts of your blackview A30 that we have in store. They meet the international standards set by the brand blackview itself. This means they are likely to work with your phone which is equipped with a 2GB motherboard of RAM and 16GB of storage. All added to an overpowering Quadcore-type processor.

    If after two or three years of use your hull starts to make your own, why not visit our range of top quality A30 pour blackview hulls. With exceptional strength, you can regain the resistance your phone had at the very beginning of your story.

    An ever more pleasant proximity

    At Discountmymobile,your needs are our source of motivation. So, whatever your need in terms ofscreens and spare parts of blackview A30,you just have to contact us by chat or email. Our team of experts will guide you in order to effectively solve your problem.

    Without further ado, go to our platform and find the elements you need to find a blackview A30 as new and functional as it used to be.

  • BV9600 Plus / BV9600 Pro

    Repair the broken screen of my Blackview BV9600 Plus

    These flagship smartphones from the American phone brand Blackview have a Helio P60 processor engraved at 12 nm and clocked at 2GHz, 6GB for one and 8GB of RAM for the other. All in all, this delivers unparalleled speed and fluidity, with nearly 128GB of storage perfect for keeping all your most important documents, photos, videos. An incredible 6,2-inch screen for the Pro and 6.21 inches for the Plus; AMOLED. To finish with the outlines, it should be noted that the two Blackview BV9600 Pro and BV9600 Plus are equipped with a fingerprint reader placed under the screen, a real technological revolution. It is therefore quite normal that after a fall or shock that caused the phone to stop or the screen crack, you will be completely panicked. But fear not, Discountmymobile is here to offer you screens and spare parts to repair yourblackview BV9600 Pro/BV9600.

    A simple solution to your broken screen problem

    The Discountmymobile platform offers to replace your cracked monitor with a new and authentic screen perfect for your blackview BV9600 Pro or BV9600 Plus. You don't have to think about spending hundreds of euros to offer you a device of equivalent power when with a dozen you can give life to this monster that is in your possession. A quick and easy platform, you can find what you need and order it.

    Anywhere in the world, regardless of your address, Discountmymobile offers fast and safe delivery of every product you order. So, whatever the breakdown, don't panic. With us, you'll be able to find camera modules of 16 -8 MPx for the rear and 8 MPx for the perfect front to find the joy of making photos and videos of incredible sharpness.

    Discountmymobile also offers as spare parts for yourblackview BV9600 Pro or BV9600 protective shells to offer your phone a stylish side convenient. In the same vein, connection slicks to replace the defective ones on your smartphone are available. Thanks to our platform, you can restore your smartphone to a new state blackview BV9600 Pro or BV9600 Plus broken or damaged.

    The good thing about Discountmymobile is that you can awaken the soul of the technician inside you. Notably, thanks to the 7-piece dismantling tool set offered, which accompanies ALL screens and replacement touch pane Blackview offered on our platform.

    Discountmymobile of quality products at low prices

    Although smartphones today are experiencing an impressive price spike, we remain in the logic of the fact that everyone should have the right to replace a damaged part or screen of their smartphone without having to pay big. It is with this in mind that today, the spare parts of your blackview BV9600 Pro and BV9600 Plus are available at really minimal prices at Discountmymobile.

    In addition, we provide all with perfect communication tools to enable us to inform you and ask us your problems. Indeed, by chat or email, you can join our service which will be happy to guide you if you do not find the room you are looking for in our repair room library.

  • BV6800 Pro

    screen and repair parts pour blackview BV6800 Pro

    For many decades now, the telephone has occupied a more than important place in human life. It is a confidant, an ally, a sharing centre and even an object of work. The blackview BV6800 Pro for example with its 5, 7-inch screen, 2 16MP rear photo sensors and 8MP front sensor is a tool you can quickly attach yourself to, because it has a truly incredible range of quality. So when such a jewel is broken because of an accident, it is quite normal for you to see your financial future shaping up in black. Discountmymobile says stop and comes to shed light on your future. Indeed, for all your repairs, we offer you and nothing but you a varied and authentic range of screens of Blackview BV6800 Pro.

    Discountmymobile: a world for you

    Why do you have to think that after a fall or malfunction of your smartphone you absolutely must change it. With Discountmymobile,you'll find spare parts of all kinds guaranteed and meeting the standards of the American firm. Indeed, for your safety and above all perfect visibility, the products sold on the platform are tested and approved by experts. So, treat yourself fearlessly to a new screen for your blackview BV6800 Pro with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels all the time, protect like the first time you bought it, by a Level 3 Gorilla Glass.

    If you want to buy a new case for your smartphone, Discountmymobile offers the bases meeting the waterproofing standards established in the features of the Blackview BV6800 Pro or IP68. In some cases, the modules and tablecloths itself may also be the cause of your inconvenience, so don't tell yourself that it's all over. Discountmymobile helps you once again by providing you with the perfect slick of connections for your damaged phone. This means connections compatible with your BV6800 Pro Blackview cards with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

    The advantage on us is that you can if you wish to realize even more savings, and this, by replacing yourself the damaged part. Whether it's the screen or whatever, a dismantling set accompanies all our screens and touch panes and allows you to become a true technical professional for a few minutes.

    If you're a photo fan, come and enjoy our camera modules for sale. Fingerprint readers, microphone modules, speakers and even replacement shells are perfect for refurbishing Blackview BV6800 Pro are also available.

    Extraordinary rates

    Discountmymobile puts the small dishes in the big ones and offers a very varied range of spare parts for Blackview BV6800 Pro. All of these are available at very attractive prices. However, rest assured for all our products, we rely on quality, they are tested by a team of experts and are guaranteed.

    This means that with us, you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a new phone. With just a few clicks you can simply order, receive and repair your damaged phone yourself.

  • BV9500 / BV9500 Pro

    Replacement parts and screens for smarpthone Blackview BV9500

    The Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Blackview is well known in the world as a structure that knows how to develop products of a quality and above all of a robustness like no other. The technical power of its phones is no longer to be demonstrated. The smartphone Blackview BV9500 for example is a marvel both hardware and software. So it's perfectly normal that you gave in to its charm and bought it. However its robustness has been limited and after a terrible shock the phone has been damaged. What to do, choose our spare parts Blackview BV9500? ?

    Discountmymobile: always at your service

    In some cases, it can be quite complicated to imagine that you can fix your phone. But our solution will ensure that you do not pay hundreds of euros to buy another one. Our online screen and spare parts sales platformBlackview BV9500 is a must to get your device back on its feet no matter what the failure. In addition, these are available at a value for money all simply unmatched in the current market.

    The Blackview BV9500 is very heavy and robust and this is partly caused by its huge battery of 10,000 m Ah. This one provided you with a monster battery life of several days or even weeks. Are you really going to let go of such a rare product because of a shock that put the 5.7" screen of your smartphone out of control? Discountmymobile says no to that and offers you in this momentum a screen kit Blackview BV9500 Full HDtm of a size of 5.7", perfect to change yours that has unfortunately been damaged.

    New and as perfect as the original one, every display like any other product on the platform meets specific standards. This includes security, compatibility and many other parameters. So you don't have to panic. With Discountmymobile,you can magically repair your blackview 9500.

    Sometimes, in a rush of clumsiness, the rear hull Blackview 9500 of your device becomes seriously damaged, becoming quite dangerous. It is responsible for protecting your phone's internal elements from water and even dust. So in case of excitement, it is your whole phone that is insecure. To remedy this, Discountmymobile offers replacement shells blackview 9500 certified IP68. Solid, powerful and especially designed for this masterful smartphone.

    Many other spare parts blackview 9500 are available on our platform. Elements that will allow you to find a smartphone as new and functional as it was on the first day. So why give up 64GB of storage memory, 4GB of RAM and many other useful settings because of an unfortunate shock when you can smile again thanks to Discountmymobile.

    Closer to you

    Discountmymobile every effort to stay closer and closer to you. This goes through the multitude of services designed and put in place to help you repair your phone more easily. 24 hours a day, you can contact our various services for various needs that is also the spirit Discountmymobile.
  • BV5800 / BV5800 Pro

    Repair the broken screen of my Blackview BV5800

    Blackview is an American firm that for years has been developing a new kind of smartphone. Indeed, it emphasizes solidity and above all sustainability. As a result, most smartphones in the range are generally IP68 certified. This is one of the parameters that makes this brand a serious competitor in the field of modern telephony. The Blackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro is phones with similar and truly impressive features. Indeed, they have a full HD screen of 5, 5 inches diagonal. However, despite this robustness, it may happen by one error or another that the screen of your Blackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro starts showed signs of weakness. Black screen, no touch response and many others. It is in this kind of situation that Discountmymobile intervenes. Giant screen library and spare parts pour blackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro will easily find what is rare everywhere. And this has very competitive, if not unrivalled, prices on the market.

    All parts for your Blackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro

    With Discountmymobile,you'll find 5-inch, 5-inch Full HD screens with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels. As you will have understood, this is the perfect piece for your smartphone. In addition it is equipped with the Gorilla Glass 3. This is a really important element in the strength and strength of your monitor. In addition, it should be noted that tests are carried out on each of the products we offer, and this, by a wide range of world-renowned experts.

    You will also find other items like the motherboards Blackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro. These are equipped with 16GB internal memory, 2GB of RAM and many other specificities that meet your needs. In addition, we offer you a dismantling set that allows you to change the damaged parts yourself. This will significantly reduce a technician's expenses. Easy and fast, you'll only have to follow the steps step by step to give your Blackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro an incredible ability to use and durability.

    You can also enjoy our original battery range that matches your smartphone's. With a capacity of 5580 mA h, you will give your phone a substantial battery life. Discountmymobile is if you have to put it this way, the master platform to find all the screens and spare parts adequate to breathe new life into yourBlackview BV5800/BV5800 Pro. And this at really low costs.

    With our help, you will find, whatever your problem, a quick and simple solution. So why consider buying a new phone when with Discountmymobile you can replace all the discount parts.

    Everything for you

    Discountmymobile has put together a real well-organized architecture to make your purchase a relaxing moment. With us, you will quickly see your purchase as a utility and not an expense. We believe that your satisfaction is our greatest victory. That's why through exchange systems such as emails or chat services, our services bend over backwards to offer you total satisfaction.

  • A20

    Browse the screen of my Chinese smartphone Blackview A20

    The Blackview A20 is a smartphone with many qualities that make it a very good phone. With 8GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM, you have enough room to keep your most sensitive data. Sometimes this cute phone somehow breaks down and therefore blocks all your important information. However, it is possible to remedy this situation thanks to Discountmymobile and our spare parts blackview A20.

    Our online sales platform offers you in the case of a broken LCD screen, 5 .5" IPS LCD screen kits offering a resolution of 966-480 pixels perfect for your Blackview A20. So you can use your phone again with peace and serenity without any problems. No need to see things in black after a shock and a cracked display. With us, everything suddenly becomes simpler.

    In the middle of handling your Blackview A20 in the street, you were unbalanced and this one fell. Since then, no more sound. You can't get sound alerts from your notifications. But don't panic here again, Discountmymobile is strong and offers you many products made for your smartphone. For example, repair parts blackview A20 such as speakers, replacement shells Blackview A20, A20 camera modules, power on off tablecloths Blackview A20.... and many more.

    Always at very competitive prices you can; whatever your social status, enjoy all these quality products at prices that are close to the impossible. With Discountmymobile,ease becomes a no-brainer and above all easily find what you want quickly and serenely.

  • P10000 Pro

    P10000 Pro pour blackview Repair Parts and Screens

    Costaud and powerful are the qualifiers that perfectly describe this monster in its purest form. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer Black View makes available to its public this jewel that meets one of the most flagship requirements of users. That is, a long battery life. In any case, this is what the telephone giant tried by inserting a generator of 11,000 mah in this model Blackview P10000 Pro. So why do you have to deprive yourself of this power and the rest of these features when you can fix everything.

    Discountmymobile: a universal platform

    Although it is robust and really powerful, it can easily happen that your wonderful smarpthone blackview P10000 Pro suffers damage that seriously affects the operation of the device. Fortunately, Discountmymobile can save you the day with its giant library containing thousands of truly essential smartphone and tablet replacement parts for good device maintenance.

    This means that in case your Blackview P10000 Pro falls and suffers a damage to the screen for example, it is still possible to get it back on its feet. No need to throw it away or try to buy another one. Order a Blackview brand new 6" Full HD 6- P10000 Pro screen with a resolution of 2160-1080 at the Discountmymobilespecialty store. Buying your replacement LCD screen from us is the guarantee of receiving a product that is not only new, but complies with all the required physical and technical standards. So don't lose the 64GB of storage memory that may contain your important data because of a life-caprice.

    In some cases, it may be the hull itself that has suffered significant damage. This could then greatly affect the overall beauty of the phone. Imagine being in an important meeting and you receive an urgent notification. The condition of your phone's shell probably won't really make you want to take it out in public. Contact Discountmymobile and order a new replacement hull Blackview P10000 Pronow.

    In addition to the P10000 Pro Blackview Screen Kitand the replacement hull, many other items and troubleshooting parts are being marketed on our platform. So whatever the nature of the problem you're experiencing on your phone Blackview P10000 Pro,you'll find solution at Discountmymobile. This involves the concerns of speakers, camera modules for sharp and spotless sockets, microphones, tablecloths volumes and power.... and all the arsenal to keep a phone as new and usable as possible.

    The best choice for authentic purchases

    One of the most important things at Discountmymobile is the assurance of the good quality of the products that are offered to you. For this, there are many things to consider. To start, for example, every replacement screen blackview P10000 Pro we own is tested before shipping to you.

    Then, a fairly acute follow-up of each of the elements we ship whether internal or external elements is done. You will have the joy of buying at a discount price one of your spare parts blackview P10000 Pro authentic and without the form of worries.

  • S6

    Repair my Chinese smartphone Blackview S6

    Having become quite famous in recent years, the Chinese smartphone brand Blackview continues to innovate thanks to its phones that perfectly combine physical style with technical characteristics through a reasonable price. That's probably what drove you to buy the Blackview S6. But here, after a beautiful evening, the 5.7" screen of the latter has completely cracked and is now unusable. But what to do? Simply contact Discountmymobile for spare parts from Blackview S6.

    It's the perfect platform that will allow you to quickly get your precious phone back on your feet. Indeed, you will find on the site IPS LCD screens 1440 x 720 pixels Blackview S6 must-haves. This way, you'll be able to find the joy of handling your phone again without any problems. So enjoy its 16GB of storage memory and the same 2GB of RAM after a terrible fall.

    In the same vein, other areas of the phone may be affected. So don't leave the 8-8MP rear photographic power and 5MP before this jewel has it because of a microphone or ignition or volume failure. By contacting Discountmymobile,you can save yourself a lot of ailments.

    Our goal being your total satisfaction, we implement all the techniques to find a new smartphone as the day of its purchase. Apart from the Blackview S6 screens will find blackview S6 spare parts such as S6 replacement shells, camera/camera modules Blackview S6, fingerprint readers Blackview S6 and many other replacement parts and all at discount prices.

    Discountmymobile offers you follow-up delivery and everywhere for shipping your repair parts Blackview S6.

  • Old models Blackview

    Repair my Blackview smartphone at the best price

    A shock and here's your smartphone blackview virtually unusable. You don't have to throw it in the trash. With Discountmymobile,you just need just a few clicks to choose the screen or spare part you want and order it.

    With us, all versions are in the spotlight. New to old, you'll have no trouble finding the right piece for you. For example, we offer accessories such as main link tablecloths perfect for the motherboards of the S8Blackview. New E7 Blackview screens,speakers and charging connectors forBlackview BV9000 and BV9000 PRO. Thousands of screens and spare parts are available on our revolutionary platform. The new one at a price more than incredible.

    Your satisfaction being our priority, with Discountmymobile,you will find on a reduced budget perfect accessories to give your old models Blackview a more majestic second life. Aware of your needs, we have put together numerous tests designed to test each of the products we put at your fingertips. Quality at a lower cost is at Discountmymobile so don't waste any more time and order fast.

    In addition, to please you, most of the purchases you make on Discountmymobile come with many very practical benefits for you. For example, essential tool kits for self repair your smartphone and customer service available through chat or email.

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