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Réparer l'écran cassé de mon smartphone Blackview P10000 Pro  There are 5 products.

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1 display - 5 / 5 articles

P10000 Pro pour blackview Repair Parts and Screens

Costaud and powerful are the qualifiers that perfectly describe this monster in its purest form. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer Black View makes available to its public this jewel that meets one of the most flagship requirements of users. That is, a long battery life. In any case, this is what the telephone giant tried by inserting a generator of 11,000 mah in this model Blackview P10000 Pro. So why do you have to deprive yourself of this power and the rest of these features when you can fix everything.

Discountmymobile: a universal platform

Although it is robust and really powerful, it can easily happen that your wonderful smarpthone blackview P10000 Pro suffers damage that seriously affects the operation of the device. Fortunately, Discountmymobile can save you the day with its giant library containing thousands of truly essential smartphone and tablet replacement parts for good device maintenance.

This means that in case your Blackview P10000 Pro falls and suffers a damage to the screen for example, it is still possible to get it back on its feet. No need to throw it away or try to buy another one. Order a Blackview brand new 6" Full HD 6- P10000 Pro screen with a resolution of 2160-1080 at the Discountmymobilespecialty store. Buying your replacement LCD screen from us is the guarantee of receiving a product that is not only new, but complies with all the required physical and technical standards. So don't lose the 64GB of storage memory that may contain your important data because of a life-caprice.

In some cases, it may be the hull itself that has suffered significant damage. This could then greatly affect the overall beauty of the phone. Imagine being in an important meeting and you receive an urgent notification. The condition of your phone's shell probably won't really make you want to take it out in public. Contact Discountmymobile and order a new replacement hull Blackview P10000 Pronow.

In addition to the P10000 Pro Blackview Screen Kitand the replacement hull, many other items and troubleshooting parts are being marketed on our platform. So whatever the nature of the problem you're experiencing on your phone Blackview P10000 Pro,you'll find solution at Discountmymobile. This involves the concerns of speakers, camera modules for sharp and spotless sockets, microphones, tablecloths volumes and power.... and all the arsenal to keep a phone as new and usable as possible.

The best choice for authentic purchases

One of the most important things at Discountmymobile is the assurance of the good quality of the products that are offered to you. For this, there are many things to consider. To start, for example, every replacement screen blackview P10000 Pro we own is tested before shipping to you.

Then, a fairly acute follow-up of each of the elements we ship whether internal or external elements is done. You will have the joy of buying at a discount price one of your spare parts blackview P10000 Pro authentic and without the form of worries.

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