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Dépannage facile de l'écran cassé de votre smartphone Huawei P20 Lite  There are 11 products.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Repair Huawei P20 Lite

Repairing a smartphone is not the preserve of specialized technicians. A simple user like you and me is able to hand over a phone by arming himself with patience and good tools and then getting advice. If yourHuawei Nova 3e or P20 Lite screen has broken or cracked, we'll provide you with the tools, pre-mounted screen kits and spare parts you need to repair your smartphone yourself.

Escape the tendency to obsolescence by repairing your smartphone

The more design and functionality a smartphone has, the more fragile it is. Recent models such as the Huawei Nova 3rd and the P20 Lite are among the most fragile smartphones since they are very new models. If it inadvertently slips out of your hand or pocket, the screen or shell will break easily. Instead of sacrificing your savings by buying a new device, optimize your budget by repairing your smartphone. Even better, keep costs as low as possible by taking care of the repair yourself. Discountmymobile is available by chat or email to answer your questions.

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We offer on our website a wide range of spare parts suitable for all smartphone models Huawei. If, however, the part you are looking for is not available, let us know quickly by making the product available to you subject to availability at the manufacturer. Working professionally, we guarantee the quality of our products so that we offer you a 6-month warranty for manufacturing and operating defects. Repair parts come directly from manufacturing plants and are certified as "high quality." Our replacement screens are also GRADE-AAA certified.

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