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Réparez votre écran cassé BQ Aquaris avec notre Kit écran de remplacement neuf  There are 29 products.

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1 display - 29 / 29 articles

How do I fix the screen on your BQ phone?

Did the screen on your BQ-branded smartphone just break? Do you want to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers screens for all the different smartphone models of the BQ brand in its shop dedicated to smartphone parts and screens. Search, find, order and have the screen you need to get your BQ smartphone back up and running for free.

A smartphone you'd like to fix? If it is from the BQ Aquaris brand, you will easily find the repair parts on the Discountmymobileshop.

Discountmymobile offers screens and repair parts of all features for each of the BQ Aquaris smartphone models. The products are available at discount prices in continuous mode. So you don't have to worry if your smartphone breaks down due to a screen problem or any part needed to run it.

BQ Aquaris smartphones

Born in 2010 in Spain, the BQ Aquaris brand is a creation of the Spanish group Mundo Reader S.L. Known for its leadership in the field of electronics on Spanish territory, the brand will very quickly make the transition to mobile telephony. In 2013, his name gained popularity. It is releasing its first range of BQ Aquaris smartphones. This is the E range which is made up of several models running with the Android operating system. The entire range of smartphone models can use a Double Sim. They can use Free SIMs and have screens between 4 and 6 inches. In 2014, the brand will evolve its range of smartphones.

The first 4G smartphones called Aquaris E5 4G will be born. The growth momentum will continue in 2015, and the brand leads to the creation of the first smartphone that can work with the Ubuntu operating system in the world called E4.5. On the market, you can find various variants of the different ranges of the brand BQ Aquaris. TheAquaris X2 Pro,theAquaris X2,theAquaris X Pro,theAquaris X,theAquaris V,the Aquaris VS,theAquaris V Plus,theAquaris C,theAquaris U,theAquaris U2,theAquaris U2 lite,etc.

However, despite their high quality, the smartphones of the BQ Aquaris brand remain sensitive. So they can break down for one reason or another. In any case, if you want not to lose your investment, you will have to search and find the repair part required by the failure to restore your smartphone to operation. And these are the pieces that the Discountmymobileshop offers you.

Screens and repair parts for all models in the BQ Aquaris smartphone ranges

Discountmymobile allows you to have screens and spare parts at your fingertips for all BQ Aquarissmartphone models. The shop is positioning itself as a market leader in the sale of screens and spare parts for Chinese-branded smartphones. The screens you will find on the shop are all gradeE-AAA certified, high quality. They are compliant with the manufacture of the BQ Aquarissmartphone production plant. These are original screens and parts that can be validly used to restore your device to a completely new state. The touchscreens and full screen kit available on Discountmymobile come with a 7-piece tool kit and tempered glass protection.

All deliveries of products purchased from the shop are offered.

Find even the pieces not available on the shop

Discountmymobile is committed to making available to you the parts or screens of BQ Aquaris smartphones that would not be available on his shop. To do this, let the store team know about your unmet needs for screens or spare parts. The necessary arrangements will be made to restore the missing part to your phone's optimal operation.

For any other needs, you can always contact the shop team via email or chat.

Welcome to Discountmymobile.

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