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Les smartphones Oukitel à prix discount chez Discountmymobile !  There are 12 products.

1 display - 12 / 12 articles
1 display - 12 / 12 articles

Treat yourself to a Chinese smartphone Oukitel

Phone makers have recently tapped into their sense of originality to bring consumers the best. It is in this sense to note that the Chinese creators have not failed in this mission either. Oukitel is indeed a Chinese smartphone manufacturer who was inspired by the greatest such as Samsung and Apple .

Designer of smartphones and smartwatches since 2007, Oukitel is one of the most prominent Chinese mobile phone brands in China. It holds the reputation of a brand that manages to harmonize efficiency and performance in its products.

What to know about Oukitel ?

may not be the size of the big houses like Huawei or Xiaomi , but it has all of a brand that can effectively meet the needs of its users. So worry-free get rid of your old device and invest in a new model of phone without breaking the bank. At Oukitel , several smartphones are already talking about them. These include the smartphones K10000 Pro , Oukitel K9 , C15 pro , U25 pro , C12 , K7 Power , C11 , C11 pro , and many other models. The advantage with these mobiles is that they are provided with an autonomy that can last for two, three, or even four days and an impeccable robustness. Indeed, the K10000 Pro model for example has an autonomy that can last up to 3 days, a record that other smartphones are struggling to achieve. In terms of resistance, the K4000 Pro model can be qualified as indestructible since it offers excellent resistance. No need to prove to you therefore that Oukitel smartphones have an incredible lifespan. For professional or personal use, this is definitely the brand for you. The manufacturer himself provides proof of the resistance of his products by testing them with impact tools such as hammer, cutter, knife ... as well as tests with water jets and in total immersion of the device. in a water container to prove their IP68 certification.

The Oukitel smartphone @9D2N0 at Discountmymobile

No need to remind you that Discountmymobile, through its website, offers its customers the best new high-end and cheap Chinese phones. To this end, we provide you with several ranges of smartphones, all of the latest models, from each Chinese smartphone manufacturer that we have selected. Oukitel being one of the most successful Chinese smartphone brands, it is quite normal that Discountmymobile has made the obligation to reserve a good place for the brand in its gallery.

By visiting the Discountmymobile store, you will discover in the “ cheap smartphone / Oukitel ” category more than ten models of the brand. Discountmymobile cuts from the care to the acquisition of high-end products. This is also why we get our supplies directly from the designers. Therefore, we ensure to provide you with Chinese smartphones designed and equipped with the latest technologies and innovative features. Also aware of the requirements of our customers, Discountmymobile takes the time to test each model in order to spare you the unpleasant surprise of a failure. But one thing is certain, the Oukitel smartphones are of very good quality and you won't have to complain.

If you go to the Discountmymobile online store, the first Outikel model presented to you is the WP5000 with 64 GB Rom + 6GB Ram, it is an Octa-core dual sim. Following it, you will see the following smartphones: Oukitel K6 , Oukitel U18 , Oukitel K10 , Oukitel K7 , Smartphone Oukitel C8 , Oukitel K8 , Oukitel C12 Pro , Oukitel C11 Pro , Oukitel WP1 , Oukitel K7 Power , Oukitel WP2 ... etc.

Buy from Discountmymobile and win big

By purchasing your new smartphone Oukitel from Discountmymobile , you benefit from a 1 year warranty. In the event of a malfunction noted within this period due to a manufacturing problem, the store promises to ensure the replacement of the faulty model by another. On another level, know that for all the smartphones you buy, you won't need to worry about connection. Discountmymobile Oukitel models work perfectly with French 4G internet B20 800mHz. As a result, the internet speed that passes through your smartphone not only meets standards, but is also reliable and efficient. This is exactly what makes users hardly encounter any problem. Likewise, by purchasing your Oukitel smartphone from Discountmymobile , be assured that it is unlocked and free of any operator. No need to struggle after purchase to change operator, just insert your sim card and you can use it immediately upon receipt.

In addition, Discountmymobile only offers Oukitel smartphones @7D9J1 can @7D9J1 used with the Google Play . By this fact, you will be able to take advantage of the whole range of applications available on the store and which you need to carry out your activities or to feel comfortable.

We have chosen the DHL carrier to take care of delivering your new phone to your home in the best conditions and on short notice.

Contact the team

Do you have any questions? Are you looking for a new or old OUKITEL smartphone model that is not on our site? You can contact our sales department at any time, who will help you as best as possible with your questions or to provide you with the coveted model.

This is the Discountmymobile service and we are happy to share it with you.

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