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Pièces détachées et écran de remplacement pour vos vieux téléphones Huawei  There are 104 products.

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Showing 1 - 52 of 104 items

Repairing old Huawei smartphones

You are owners of one of the older smartphone versions of the great phone brand HUAWEI. But, this one by bad luck had its screen completely cracked and you do not know how to repair it? Then you are in the perfect place to get help. Indeed, Discountmymobile is not a selective platform and therefore devotes itself even to the oldest versions of phone.

This means that here you will find screens or spare parts for your Ascend Y600, i.e. a 5-inch screen with TFT technology and a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Or, you can find out if you own a model Huawei 2015 microphones and batteries ideal to get your Mate Sup and running, or Mate 8. If you own one of the wonders designed in 2016 like the Mate 9 or the Mate 9 pro,you'll be glad to know that here too we have all the necessary elements its fitness. Thus, with Discountmymobile,the year your laptop is released is by no means a hindrance to its repair. Plus, you get the many benefits. For example, a protective tempered glass window offered with each screen purchased. This will allow you to better protect the fragile monitor of your jewel.

So why you lament on a damaged smartphone, when you can quickly repair the screen of your old model of Huawei, without paying astronomical sums. With us, it's reliability and above all the unique pleasure of helping you find a usable and new phone at low prices.

  • Mate 9 Pro

    Huawei Mate 9 Pro Repair

    The large firm Huawei offers very high-end phones and highly sought after by the general public. The Mate 9 Pro is simply one of the best technological jewels because it offers extraordinary performance. Therefore, when it is caused by physical damage to the screen, it is important to find a solution to fix it.

    Discountmymobile Offers you a varied and unique range of 5.5-inch AMOLED QHD displays perfect for your Mate 9 Pro. In addition, for your satisfaction and more safety, tempered glass protection is offered to you to better protect your new screen. With us, your phone will always be on top, because the products we make available to you are tested and approved by professionals in the sector. So don't break your head thinking you'll have to change your entire high-end smartphone because of a shock that damaged it. We offer you a range of screens and spare parts to accompany you as best as possible.

    With Discountmymobile,the rarest items become the easiest to find. Our commitment is to allow you to continue to enjoy your device without worry. To do this, we help you repair it yourself with our smartphone repair kit.

    Welcome to Discountmymobile!

  • Mate 9
  • Mate 8

    Repair Huawei Mate 8

    The Huawei Mate 8 smartphone is undoubtedly "The Smartphone of the Year 2015", it is positioned on the high-end Phablet market and performs this function very well with its impressive Kirin 950 processor and its large 6-inch IPS screen covered with a Gorilla Glass 4 glass from Corning. The Mate 8 Huawei is your best phone so far and you are very sad since you dropped it from the car. Its glass is all broken and it is difficult for you to use it properly.

    Discountmymobile is aware of the vagaries of the life of our smartphones and offers you a selection of Mate 8 touch glass LCD kit Huaweito repair your nonsense and you reappropriate the functions of your phone Huawei Mate 8.

    Discountmymobile Personalized Service

    Looking for a spare part to repair your smartphone Huawei Mate 8? Didn't find it on our website? Contact the Discountmymobile sales team by email or online chat, we will make the requested part available to you quickly (subject to availability at the manufacturer).

  • Mate 7

    Huawei Mate Repair 7

    It doesn't just happen to others! Today it's your turn to drop your Huawei Mate 7 laptop right on the dining room tiles, front face in addition, which shattered and demolished the screen. Either your screen is totally out of service or it is in very bad condition. Would anyone have the solution? A new and sparkling replacement screen to repair your smartphone Huawei Mate 7at a lower cost. It's possible! Or order it?

    At Discountmymobile, of course. The leader of the repair screen Huawei at the best price on the internet.

  • P9 Plus

    Smartphone Repair Huawei P9 Plus

    A smartphone Huawei P9 Plus is an excellent high-end device, but it must be functional. What do you do when you drop your mobile phone and break the window? Visit the Huawei P9 Plus repair screen section at Discountmymobile to order a new Huawei, scratch-free P9 Plus touch window LCD to make a change on your mobile in the best possible conditions.

    Discountmymobile offers you the shipping costs as well as a set tools as a gift to make the screen replacement with ease.

    Plenty of other spare parts Huawei P9 Plus are available in our department...

    Your P9 Plus no longer takes charge? Looking for a charging connector? It's available.

    Is your rear hull Huawei P9 Plus damaged or scratched? Want a replacement shell? It's available.

    Do you damage the LCD slick of your P9 PlusHuawei when it is dismantled? We have the replacement part in stock.

    Our customer service is available to you for any request if the requested part was not present on our site.

  • P9 Lite

    Repair my Huawei P9 Lite Smartphone

    Your smartphone Huawei P9 Lite just made an incredible fall down the stairs.... Result of the races, your front window is totally broken. Really bad luck. But thanks to Discountmymobile it will soon be a bad memory because we offer you a touch glass lcd kit Huawei P9 Lite replacement so that you are able to repair it in the most economical way possible.

    Whether your smartphone Huawei P9 Lite is black, white or gold, we have the repair screen you need in our shop at the best price.

    All other repair parts Huawei P9 Lite are available on request by Chat Online or Email to our customer service. Don't hesitate to contact us.

  • P9

    Huawei P9 Smartphone Repair

    Your little sister played with your phone Huawei P9 when you were taking a nap and inadvertently dropped it on the floor of the kitchen... When you wake up you are furious to find your P9 smartphone Huawei in this state. You have no choice but to replace the screen...

    Discountmymobile then gets on track with its offer lcd screen screen touch glass Huawei P9 at the lowest price to help you restore your laptop. Give your Huawei P9 smartphone a second life with an original full screen.

    Is it your charging connector that's making its own? Order the P9 Huawei charging connector in our store.

    The rear camera takes blurry photos or can't take a picture with your camera before you take a selfie? No worries, replacement camera Huawei P9 tablecloths are available in our shop.

    Is your P9-Huawei hull all damaged? Split? Cracked? And the fingerprint reader doesn't react anymore? Order our Full Hull Huawei replacement P9 and its new Fingerprint tablecloth.

    Discountmymobile is the specialist in the replacement part for Huaweismartphones.

  • P8 Lite

    Repair my Huawei P8 Lite Smartphone

    As usual Huawei offers us the iteration of the P8 version Lite. The Huawei P8 Lite is therefore a lighter version more accessible and offering beautiful features. Its 5-inch HD display has a resolution of 1280 x 720p and it boasts a Kirin 620 Octa-Core processor.

    You're happy with it, but when you dropped it, the screen broke completely and you can't use it anymore.

    Don't worry, Discountmymobile offers you an LCD screen and touch pane of glass assembled P8 Lite Huawei to refurbish your laptop.

    Save your P8 LiteHuawei!

  • P8

    Repair Huawei P8

    It was in April 2015 that the Huawei P8 entered the market. It very quickly gained market share in the smartphone sector until it established itself as a benchmark. In a way, the Huawei brand has convinced many Apple and Samsung customers in a short time by offering more and more premium phones offering an alternative to well-known brands. The P8 has a 5.2 inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel touchscreen. So you can watch pictures and videos in HD quality. The internal memory has a capacity of 32 GB, it can be individually expanded using a micro-SD card. So you can easily store movies and other big data. The main camera has 13 MP, while the front camera has 8 MP. Dual SIM and LTE cards are fully supported.

    Huawei P8: Spare parts

    You can keep your smartphone even in the event of damage or accident. It is enough to replace each damaged part identically, on our site. Original spare parts certified Huawei P8 offer the best possible guarantee for quality and assembly. Protective screen films are provided with the screens.

    The Huawei P8 was able to convince the market thanks to robust materials of excellent quality, only some minor damage occurs during a bad fall. Initially, many smartphones are very resistant to light shocks and normal daily wear and tear ... screen chips indicate that the replacement of the touch screen is necessary.

    With Discountmymobile you are guaranteed to replace your parts with originals Huawei guaranteeing a refurbishment of the device. Repair your smartphone yourself, and save a lot of money. Be aware that repair shops - much more expensive - do not always offer the best guarantees ...

    If necessary, we can help you with advice, about spare parts Huawei P8 or if you are in doubt as to the cause of the problem. Order now the parts you need, you can leave your opinion on the home of our site.

    New screen and spare parts Huawei P8

    At Discountmymobile , we have been working for almost 15 years, directly with manufacturers, and only with certified suppliers providing you with the “Superior Quality” label. The guarantee that you will receive the optimal and perfectly adequate spare parts at home. Despite our high standards of service and product quality, we are able to maintain relatively low price levels, thanks to our partnerships. Discountmymobile team members will be happy to help you with all your questions. Do not hesitate to also send us your comments on the site reception!

    Do yourself a favor: Repair the Huawei P8 @0R4S4

    Many users initially believe that they would not be able to repair their Huawei P8 on their @1F2B4 . The use of 100% suitable spare parts and the use of the tools that we offer you make all this much easier than it seems.

    If the smartphone is sent to the manufacturer, the repair often takes weeks and can be very expensive. This is why it can be useful to do the repair yourself for an affordable price.

    Welcome to Discountmymobile

  • Nova Plus

    Huawei Nova Plus Repair

    Big brother of the Nova, but much more imposing, ladies and gentlemen here is the Huawei Nova Plus! also known as G9 Plus its wide 5.5-inch full HD 1080p screen is indeed fragile and you just paid the price, it slipped from your dashboard to end up on the corner of the sidewalk the screen completely screwed up. What can I do? Buy another smartphone? Looking for a repairman who's going to charge you half the price of the phone?

    At Discountmymobile we offer you another solution that is much more economical. A touch-glass LCD screen Huawei Nova Plus to replace your Nova Plus broken screen with your nimble little fingers at a lower cost.

    Order your full Huawei Nova Plus replacement screen today at the best price.

  • Nova

    Repair Huawei Nova 2016

    The new range of smartphones Huawei 2016 is finally out! You've fallen for the Huawei Nova,with its 5-inch IPS Full HD 1920 x 1080p display boosted by its Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 8-core processor and back fingerprint reader and a great choice.

    But to your dismay you have smashed the glass of your new Huawei Nova and it is really in poor condition, you have no choice but to replace the screen to enjoy it again.

    At Discountmymobile we offer a complete LCD screen Huawei Nova, new and original to make the replacement with ease.

    Order now in our shop, your touch glass screen Huawei Nova at the best value without breaking the bank at a repairer.

  • Y5 II

    Huawei Y5 II smartphone repair

    "Either you go out or I will take you out, but will have to make a decision " The last confrontation with a slightly virulent motorist has fortunately arranged but your smartphone Huawei Y5 II to suffer the costs ... he ended up on the ground and the condition of the front is worthy of the Walkings Deads... You are disgusted and are already thinking about buying a new phone that will slash your budget of the month...

    Don't worry, at Discountmymobile we have a more economical solution, a full screen Huawei new Y5 II to replace your current broken screen.

    Order your touch glass screen Huawei Y5 II at the lowest price now.

  • G8

    Repair Huawei G8

    An evening a little too watered Saturday night, difficult awakening on Sunday morning, but when you realize that your smartphone Huawei G8 is completely screwed up, this is the icing on the cake! What happened... not easy to remember it but the result is indeed there, you can still make calls but it's the maximum, what a bad way! What are you going to do? Investing in a new mobile?

    At Discountmymobile we have the solution! We offer a new and sparkling Huawei G8 touch-glass LCD kit to refurbish your Huawei G8 broken screen pane at a lower cost.

    Order your new screen and touch pane Huawei G8 now and repair your precious ones yourself.

    Discountmymobile, the largest selection of original repair parts Huawei

  • Nexus 6P

    Repair Huawei Nexus 6P

    This is a first ever for Google to contract with Huawei the largest smartphone manufacturer in China. The Google Nexus 6P is therefore a premium and high-end model with its anodized aluminum chassis. It picks up many of the features that make Huawei successful but uses on demand Google an Octo-Core Snapdagon 810 processor. The Nexus 6P's Quad HD display is protected by a Corning Gorilla 4 glass and yet on its third fall, the screen has not withstood the bitumen and you end up with a completely messed-up and unusable screen. You are distraught and have no intention of investing again in a new smartphone when your Nexus 6P is only a few months old...

    The solution is at Discountmymobile with its new Nexus 6P touch window lcd screen to refurbish the front façade of your mobileGoogle Nexus 6P in the best conditions.