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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Discount-priced Nubia smartphones

  • Nubia N3

    Order your Nubia N3 smartphone at discount prices

    Nubia introduces its new 2018 smartphone with the N3Nubia. Following the Nubia N2 of 2017, this new mobile takes the same formula that made the strength of the N range, with more interesting autonomy, all for a price ranging in 230 euros. Launched last March, here's what to remember about this new smartphone.

    What you need to know about the N3 ZTE :

    Performance and Hardware

    The Nubia N3 features an Android 7.1 Nougat system that works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor (2000 MHz/Octa-core/Cortex-A53) and a 4GB RAM. As a graphics processor, it uses an Andreno 506 suitable for a 6.01-inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1080 x 2160 px. As for memory, it can contain a microSD-type memory card with an "up to 128 GB." In terms of its internal memory, this Chinese smartphone has 64GB of storage.

    Physical characteristics

    With a standard shape, this mobile from China has a rather imposing size of 158.8 × 75.61 × 8.45 mm, and remains light with a weight of 190 grams. As with the latest model, the chassis is made of aluminum, and comes in black, gold and red. Because it lacks a keyboard, the screen has a 2.5D model curved glass protection. The Nubia N3 is highly anticipated for its 5000 mAh battery offering a high range and fast charging.

    Multimedia options

    This mobile from China has 2 cameras (frontal and rear), 16 megapixel resolution with an F/2.2 aperture for the photo. Autofocus detection allows you to highlight the people to photograph with a touch focus. In video, the Nubia N3 allows you to shoot in 1080 P with 30 frames per second. The video recording is encoded in MP4/H.264. For the audio part, this mobile from China can play files in mp3, Wav, eAAC and flac format. It is of course equipped with a Radio and a port for Jack Radio. For connectivity, the Wi-Fi option is suitable for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct and hotspot. Bluetooth is compatible with the 4.1, A2DP and LE.

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  • Nubia Red Magic

    ZTE Nubia Red Magic: the latest generation smartphone for gamers

    Nubia, a subsidiary of the ZTEbrand, recently released the Red Magic. It is a Chinese smartphone that is dedicated mainly to the game, with outstanding design and incredible performance.

    Authentic design for a perfect grip

    The design of this Chinese smartphone presented at Discountmymobile has been well thought out so that users can take control of it easily and comfortably. Indeed, this is very important, because this phone is intended for hours of gaming sessions. For aesthetics, but also for solidity, the hull is made of metal. In addition, like its competitors RAZER Phone and smartphone Xiaomi BlackShark, the Red Magic smartphone combines well-cut angles and flashy color. And to use the design of PC gamers, it has an LED bar with customizable colors on the back.

    The latest in performance

    To give gamers a Full HD display, the Red Magic features a 6-inch 18/9 display with a 2.5D glass. On the processor side, Nubia takes over a SnapDragon 835 processor (the LG6 processor), adding 8 Giga of RAM. For backup, users will have 128GB of storage space, more than enough space to save all the data. In addition, the biggest advantage of this smartphone is its autonomy. Indeed, its 3800 mAh battery allows long-term use. In addition, this battery recharges quickly if connected to a USB-C port. Namely, this Chinese smartphone also has a 24-megapixel camera and a fingerprint reader on the back and also an 8-megapixel front camera.

    Available to all

    To enter the market, the Red Magic was offered in two versions on Discountmymobile. The first, the Nubia Red Magic 6GB version of Ram, is sold for $350.99 and the second, with 8GB of RAM, is at €397.99. Compared to its rivals "Black Shark" and "RAZER Phone", this Chinese smartphone is indeed the cheapest on the market.

  • Nubia Z17 MiniS

    Nubia Z17 MiniS: the smartphone made in china with exceptional assets

    The brand Nubia made its debut in all French boutiques with its new jewel the Z17 MiniS. This latest-generation Chinese smartphone is the replacement for the Z17. It is a mobile from China with exceptional technical skills.

    The same vision of a high-end mobile device

    Nubia has put the Z17 mini S on the market for the happiness of its customers. This is an improved version of the Z17 mini. This old version known in France as Diamond Alpha gives way to a major replacement. This is not a few alterations made to the existing one. This novelty not only offers a modern type of handling but also has a design of panoramic screens. The configuration of this Chinese smartphone is certainly quite close to its predecessor. It retains about 90% of the smartphone's technical capabilities. These include the premium version with a 5.2-inch Full HD display, 64GB storage space, a front-facing fingerprint reader, a Snapdragon 653, 6GB RAM internal memory and a 13-megapixel dual photo sensor. The Nubia Z17 MiniS has taken over the Z17's technical platform in its entirety. Indeed, the chassis of this Chinese smartphone is made of aluminum.

    Significant changes

    China's new mobile has crucial changes. The back of the device is entirely made of mineral glass. The screen has a density of 424 ppi with pretty colors and excellent contrast. The display makes up nearly 70.1% of the total surface area of the device. Corning Gorilla Glass's 2.5D glass helps to better protect this mobile. Its battery has more than 10% capacity. You have the opportunity to do a long time with the 3200 mAh before thinking about putting it in charge. The webcam doubles with 16-2 megapixels. The Android is now version 7.1 Nougat unlike its predecessor which was Marshmallow. Your laptop's screen becomes panoramic. Its size is 5.73 inches at the ratio 17/9th. It has a Full HD definition. Experts found it useful to move the button under the screen for the fingerprint reader to the back of the laptop.

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  • Nubia Z18 Mini

    Nubia Z18 chinese mid-range mini smartphone seductive

    Recently launched on the Chinese smartphone market, the Nubia Z18 Mini has an optimal design with perfectly rounded edges. On its back are bevelled slices. It also has a fingerprint sensor that sits above its logo and a dual 24-megapixel 5-megapixel photo sensor. The Z18 Mini opens with f/1.7 and has many autofocus technologies to ensure sharper photos. At the front of the device is an 8-megapixel sensor that works at an 80-degree angle of view.

    Everything you need to know about the performance of the Z18 Mini

    As for the Z18 Mini'stechnical sheet, it features a 5.7-inch FHD widescreen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. It is also a smartphone with artificial intelligence thanks to its IEA engine. Currently, the Nubia Z18 Mini is one of the best performing Chinese mobile phones in its class and of course available on the Discountmymobileonline store.

    Ram, storage memory and battery performance

    The device is supported by 6GB of RAM and an internal storage memory of 64 or 128GB of your choice. The battery life capacity reaches 3450 mAh. As for its software, the smartphone is insured by Oreo 8.1 with the nubiaUIhome interface.

    The weight and length of the Z18 Mini smartphone

    This Chinese smartphone weighs about 150 g for a chassis length that measures 148 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm. The red button on the left side of the device is specially designed for the voice assistant.

    The price of the Z18 Mini

    Of course, you will need to visit the Discountmymobile website to get the smartphone Nubia Z18 Mini. It is available in 4 classic colours: black, white, pink and blue-green. You can also opt for the special "Lavender Provence" shade at a more expensive price. The model with 6GB RAM - 64GB storage is sold for about 170 euros and the 128GB storage model in the vicinity of 210 euros. For the special purple edition, it costs you about 240 euros.

  • Nubia Z17S NX595J

    Smartphone Nubia Z17S NX595J

    The French company Archos announces its association with the mobile group of China Nubia. The brand has just launched the Diamond Omega smartphone on the market in 2017. It is one of the Archos smartphones most awaited by fans. It is the adapted version for the French market of the Nubia Z17S NX595J model running with a Snapdragon 835, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage.

    The Z17S ZTE smartphone technology card

    The Diamond Omega, known as Nubia's Z17S model, is a smartphone with a wide 5.7-inch screen and a 2040-by-1080-pixel IPS LCD display with full HD resolution. it has a 17:9 format totally different from the 18:9 format that smartphone enthusiasts at Discountmymobile are used to seeing. The corners of the screen are perfectly rounded, the edges are greatly reduced, especially for the side edges. In addition, the screen occupies 85% of the front surface, making it easier to handle. The Chinese Z17S smartphone then takes up the new formula of the moment, that of devices with superfine borders to obtain a large screen in a smaller phone body.

    Camera performance

    The Chinese smartphone Nubia Z17S NX595J or theArchos Diamond Omega has four powerful cameras. Both are located at the back of the device and just above the fingerprint sensor. The other two cameras are at the front. The rear cameras are 12 megapixels in reference to Sony IMX 362, f/1.8) and 23 megapixel of the Sony IMX 318, f/2.2. Front-facing cameras are also capable of capturing images with satisfactory resolution.

    Processor performance, RAM and storage

    The Chinese mobile Nubia Z17S NX595J works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB of LPDDR4X referenced RAM. The device has a storage memory of up to 128GB.

    Battery life

    As for the range of theNubia Z17S NX595J, the battery has a capacity of 3100 mAh, it also benefits from the new Qualcomm Quickcharge 3 technology. The device recharges quickly in 5 minutes for 5 hours of battery life.

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  • V18 Nubia

    Order your smartphone Nubia V18

    Discountmymobile has announced the release of the brand's new Chinese smartphoneNubiain its online store. This time it's the Nubia V18 with a large Full Viewscreen, a rear camera and an extra-wide battery with a range of 4000 mAh. About the tests carried out by smartphone professionals, mobile is a technological success and it has everything to challenge the best models of the big brands.

    The performance of the V18 ZTE

    The Nubia is one of the Chinese smartphones with exceptional design. Its thin and totally metallic body hides the presence of its huge 5000mAh battery. This small built-in gadget guarantees 10 to 12 hours of battery life when the screen is active on only one charge. The smartphone also has a fingerprint sensor for maximum security. It has a dual camera and a large 5.99-inch curved glass screen with an appearance ratio of up to 18:9. The contrast and brightness of the screen is satisfactory with a resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels allowing for a breathtaking image quality.

    RAM performance, processor, V18 ZTE memory

    The Nubia V18 has eight Mediatek MT6750T processors. Its power is combined with a MaliT860MP2 graphics card and a 3GB beam of RAM. To play games installed on the device, you have to change the phone's settings to low graphics. It also has an allocated 16GB/32GB ROM, no smartphone has such performance in the world. If there is a lack of memory, the device has an expandable MicroSD slot.

    Camera performance

    The camera has a dual 13-megapixel rear camera capable of capturing saturated images of natural color. The front-facing camera features an 8-megapixel sensor ready to record high-quality selfies.

    Network performance

    This Chinese smartphone Nubia works with an OTG, LTE network with an Android Oreo optimization making the device more attractive. This reference smartphone is available on the Discountmymobile website at the best price.