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Macbook pro and iMac screen spare parts All our screens are original or refurbished, tested and 100% functional  There are 24 products.

1 display - 24 / 24 articles
1 display - 24 / 24 articles

The screens are one of the essential hardware components when talking about a computer is that the marks have understood it well.They invest millions to see vintages and Apple does not escape 2.43 billion released for the apple brand.These competitors don't demortize either like Samsung, Xiaomi a real technological war.The screens play a terminal role between retranscribing all the actions performed by the user, thanks to the images generated by the computer graphics card.
At first there were the cathodic screens, the first computer equipped with a CRT screen with a keyboard was theApple 1 exit in 1976.A few years after the arrival of the first plasma computer named Plato created in 1972.
The LCD and plasma screens are no longer in the mood of the day, past fashion today we prefer the LCD or Led screens, Oled..In our Discountmymobile store, we sell the best screens for Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, IMac,
You are scared to change your Macbook, Mac Air, MacBook Pro. You can repair it in store or even see you with the video tutos provided on the product page of each screen. Tools are provided for MAC BOOK A1990 ,A2159 RETINA, MAC A 1534,MAC BOOK AIRE M1 A2237,A1932
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