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1 display - 13 / 13 articles

Buy my Leagoo smartphone at discount prices

China has many smartphone manufacturers, some better known than others. But among these, Leagoo stands out and stands out with mobile phones Leagoo entry-level, which despite their paltry prices, offer excellent features. Officially launched in 2014, the Leagoo brand now has several series of quality smartphones challenging the giants of the field, but available at very low prices. If you're looking for a smartphone for yourself or a loved one and you're tight on your budget, a smartphone Leagoo 'll suit you perfectly.

Leagoo Smartphones with a very interesting value for money

Faced with stiff competition and the need to stand out, Leagoo decided to offer entry-level smartphones with high performance and functionality, all at a very low price. The brand offers several series of mobile phones including the S-series, the M-Series, the T-Series, the Z-Series, the Power Series, the X Rover Series, the EOL models, etc.

Each series has its own specificities, but they all have in common their attractive rates. So for 100 euros or less, you have aLeagoosphone which you will not be disappointed. Although the company is young, it guarantees the quality of the materials used to design its smartphones. For this purpose, you will be entitled to a phone with a flawless camera, excellent navigation, which will entitle you to a very pleasant user experience.

The best Leagoo smartphones

The Leagoo brand offers excellent devices including several models in each series such as the T5,the T8s of the T-Series, the M9,the M11,the M13,the S8,the S9,the S10, the Z-Series models, etc. The Leagoo T5 has particularly distinguished itself as a smartphone that caters to anyone looking for a cheap entry-level phone. At this price, you will hardly find a smartphone that can compete with it and with its features, the Leagoo T5 is simply a classic of its kind.

The brand also offers other high-quality smartphones such as the M8 or the M8 pro which has a 2.5D screen for 5.7 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, making it almost a borderless smartphone. This phone has a dual photo sensor on the back, one in 13-megapixel color and the other in 5-megapixel monochrome. The device also has a very fast fingerprint sensor, a 2GB RAM and 16GB storage capacity, expandable to 128GB. Its 1.3GHz Mediatek MKT-6727 processor is paired with a Mali T-720 chip and its battery is 3500 Mah.

Leagoo's S-Series features beautiful devices including the S8, which is a solid smartphone with a 5.7-inch widescreen with an 18:9 ratio. So it offers a good grip with a Full HD resolution. The S8 and S8 pro have solid metal bodies with a glass rear plate. The S8 pro, an improved version of the S8, offers more power and therefore has more RAM and memory.

Also in the same series, the S9 acts as a revolution and wants to be a rival to theiPhone X. Its Mediatek MT6750 processor, coupled with a Mali T860 chip, gives it ideal fluidity with high-quality 3D performance. It has a 3GB RAM and an expandable 32GB of memory. Its borderless screen with a notch at the top of the screen and slabs with rounded edges. Its camera is very stunning with the ability to provide shots at the resolution of 65 Megapixels.

Order your Leagoo smartphone at discount prices

Discountmymobile is where you'll find your new smartphone Leagoo at the best value for money. Indeed, with us, your smartphone Leagoo will be covered by a total guarantee of 1 year piece and manpower insured by us. We will deal directly with the brand the exchange of the product if there is a malfunction (which is rather rare in Leagoo). In addition to the legal warranty, rest assured that discountmymobile will find the right parts and screens to repair your smartphone Leagoo at a lower cost beyond this period.

ALL of our smartphones LEAGOO are in GLOBAL version (international multi-language version) with Google Play, works on the majority of networks (including the 800mHz B20 band). In addition, they are unlocked, allowing you to immediately use your new smartphone Leagoo at reception by inserting your carrier's sim card.

Delivery and contact

The delivery of the smartphones is done by the carrier DHL. The security of your package is assured in their hands and it will be handed to you at your door against signature. (in case of absence during delivery the DHL delivery driver will contact you by phone to agree a second passage as you see fit).

If you have any questions about our smartphones LEAGOO or are looking for the latest model that is not yet on our site, contact the Discountmymobile team via online chat or email, we will be happy to answer your questions and make available to you the product you are looking for at the best price.

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