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  • $ 12.29

    TPU Transparent Acrylic Rear Hull i phone 6 6s 7 8 Plus XS XR 11 Pro Max Anti-scratches Compatible:for iphone 11 Pro Maxfor iphone 11 Pro for iphone 11 XS Maxfor iphone 11 XS for iphone XRfor iphone Xfor iphone 8 Plusfor iphone 8for iphone 7 Plusfor iphone 7for iphone 6S Plusfor iphone 6Sfor iphone 6 Plusfor iphone 6Color: Anti-shock transparent Send from...

  • $ 17.93

    Nappe Antenna Wifi iPhone XSYou are desperate to be able to pick up the Wi-Fi signal on your iPhone XS. You try everywhere at home, in all rooms, nothing to do, you can no longer connect to your box and this infuriates you. Discountmymobile offers a replacement new Wifi Antenna tablecloth to repair it yourself for a very small price. Our customer service...

  • $ 26.00

    Nappe Antenne 4G iPhone XSMore reception on your iPhone XS? The sim card is functional because it works in your old iPhone but nothing helps, the signal bars are at their lowest. You've replaced the screen recently and you've probably damaged the Antenne 4G tablecloth. It's a very penalizing failure because without signal you can't receive or make any...

  • $ 19.25

    IPhone XS GPS antennaDo you have geo-location concerns on your iPhone XS? You get lost all the time when you use the Google Map app because it can't locate you properly. It bothers you a lot because it wastes your day-to-day time. Discountmymobile offers a replacement iPhone XS GPS Signal Antenne to refurbish it for cheap! Save up to 4 or 5 times the...

  • $ 48.29

    Port charges - Micro iPhone XSLaunch yourself and repair your iPhone XS that no longer charges. For a few days you have struggled to recharge it, you have to find the right position for it to deign to recharge. The Lightning cable is not involved because it works wonderfully on your iPadtablet. So the problem comes from the charging connector and we offer...

  • $ 65.78

    iPhone XS earpieceYou can no longer hear what your interlocutors tell you when you communicate on your iPhone XS. The sound is bad, sizzling, saturating until it becomes inaudible. You don't need a hearing aid though, it's your internal speaker that's defective. Repair costs at a professional already give you cold sweats. Do you want to save money? So...

  • $ 27.59

    iPhone XS bottom speakerYou're experiencing some little audio problems on your iPhone XS. Indeed, the sound is very low when you listen to your Playlist, the sound sizzles when you watch a video or worse the free hand mode cuts with each call ... You have it over your head and you want to fix it as soon as possible without breaking the bank. You are here...

  • $ 41.39

    On Off iPhone XS ignition sheetYou should press the Power button on your iPhone XS stop repeatedly because it has trouble getting started. The button itself is not involved, it is the internal tablecloth that is located just behind and allows the connection to the motherboard of the device. Discountmymobile offers a new Power tablecloth identical to your...

  • $ 46.91

    iPhone XS vibration engine moduleFind the use of your iPhone XS vibrator with our new replacement part identical to the original. You can no longer use the vibration function on your iPhone and this penalizes you a lot because you have to constantly look if you have received your important messages. Fix it as soon as possible with our Taptic vibrator...

  • $ 82.79

    iPhone XS dual camera module Warning: When replacing the front camera, the Face ID function will no longer work. (because blocked by Apple) A lock code will be required.Your selfies are getting worse and worse, in fact the camera no longer seems to be working normally. It cuts, displays a black screen or an error message? The one and only solution to...

  • $ 120.05

    Double iPhone XS cameraYour Instagram and Facebook accounts are your favorite streaming media to show your friends your crazy daily adventures, as well as to say that the camera of your iPhone XS is very much in demand for both photo and video. But here are a few days the photos are more and more dark and bad, very far from the beautiful colors of origin...

  • $ 9.65

    iPhone XS sim card support You have twisted the nano sim drawer of your iPhone XS,you can no longer fit it into the phone at the risk of blocking it completely. What a bad way! You tried hard to straighten it out, but to no avail. Order our replacement sim drawer at discount prices! It is identical in every way to your original drawer with the seal....

  • $ 55.19

    iPhone XS wireless charging tableHave a charging problem on your iPhone XS? It no longer recharges when you place it on the wireless charging base? This is the internal tablecloth on the back of the phone that is defective. Discountmymobile offers a new wireless charg replacement tablecloth as well as the Volume management tablecloth assembled with it....

  • $ 489.89

    full screen iPhone XS Original Warning: When replacing the screen, Face ID may no longer work if you're using an iOS 11 or higher version.You were looking forward to it.... As soon as it's released you've acquired the new iPhone XS for your enjoyment. You are captivated by its neat design and its super amoled borderless 5.8-inch screen. However, an...

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

Fix my iPhone XS

It is a device with a fairly attractive façade that combines elegance and class. Indeed, theiPhone XS is a smartphone with a screen size of 5.8'' associated with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels at 458 ppp. This means that it covers almost the entire screen. It also weighs 177 grams against its predecessor, which has only 174 grams. Thanks to its super-retina OLED display, it has exceptional image quality and is able to support HDR and even 4k videos. So much reason to spend Discountmymobile to buy spare parts to repair your iPhone XS.

iPhone XS replacement parts

For starters, let's know that theiPhone XS is an almost identical representation to theiPhone X. But there is a slight difference in some respects. Its ledge is made of a metal plate and features a glass back that is more resistant to falls. As for its beauty, let's say that its colors are the subject of a dazzling attraction on the market. They are seen in gold, sidereal grey, silver. To make the most of it, we offer cheap XS iPhone screens that are also tested by our experts.

Speaking of memory, any good smartphone must have a memory for file storage. For theiPhone XS, memory varies between 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. Camera-level, its two rear sensors of 12mpx each and the front sensor of 7mpx allow it to break a great record in terms of photo taking and video recording.

TheiPhone XS also has the id face mode that will allow you to unlock your smartphone safely and very smoothly. It should also be noted that this jewel has a resistant battery of 2 days in optimal use and 12 hours in full use. Also, you can use your two Sim cards (eSIM and nano Sim) without disruption. For game subscribers, everything becomes easier, because this smartphone meets your expectations thanks to its A12 Bionic Hexa-Core ARMv8 processor and has a 4GB RAM, accrediting the speed of the task. You'll be able to think of yourself as a gamer as you like thanks to our spare screens for new and original XS iPhone.

Its IOS operating system gives it maximum security of personal data and does not disclose it at all. In addition, theiPhone XS's Lithium-Ion battery is quickly and secure. Because, its adapter (sold separately from the smartphone unfortunately) of 18 w accelerates the load rate of nearly 50% charge in 30 minutes.

Discountmymobile it's a bit like the alibaba cavern of the iPhonerepair part, you'll find enough to fix ALL the iPhone models released on the market and at discount prices!

You can visit Discountmymobile to find the replacement part for the iPhone XS for you.

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