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  • $ 12.29

    TPU Transparent Acrylic Rear Hull i phone 6 6s 7 8 Plus XS XR 11 Pro Max Anti-scratches Compatible:for iphone 11 Pro Maxfor iphone 11 Pro for iphone 11 XS Maxfor iphone 11 XS for iphone XRfor iphone Xfor iphone 8 Plusfor iphone 8for iphone 7 Plusfor iphone 7for iphone 6S Plusfor iphone 6Sfor iphone 6 Plusfor iphone 6Color: Anti-shock transparent Send from...

  • $ 17.93

    Nappe Signal Wifi iPhone XS MaxIt's convenient to connect to your Box's Wi-Fi network at home with your iPhone XS Max because it saves you from over-consuming your 4G plan but since yesterday you can't do it anymore. Can't access the internet via Wi-Fi..... even your messages on What's app don't send anymore. Fix this situation as soon as possible by...

  • $ 26.00

    4G iPhone XS Max Reception TableHave network issues on your iPhone XS Max? The sim card works on your other smartphone, so it's not involved. The signal bars are at their lowest while everyone picks up perfectly in the house. This is the 4G reception tablecloth that needs to be replaced by a new one, available here at discount prices. Offered delivery and...

  • $ 19.31

    IPhone XS Max GPS ReceptionYou get lost constantly using google Map with your iPhone XS Max in your vehicle, the location is getting worse and makes you take routes that have nothing to do with your planned route. At issue is the GPS signal management table. This small tablecloth is easy to replace and will allow you to find a Geo-location worthy of the...

  • $ 51.05

    Nappe port charge iPhone XS MaxYour iPhone XS Max is no longer recognized by iTunes.... When you connect it via the Lightning cable to a USB port, nothing happens... no detection or reloading. Then opt for discountmymobile's low-cost replacement load connector tablecloth to repair it. There's no need to ruin yourself at a repairer, save money and replace...

  • $ 68.99

    IPhone XS Max Top SpeakerYou find it hard to hear your friends when they call you. The sound sizzles, buzzes, saturates .... even becomes totally inaudible at times. This is very annoying because you have to constantly ask your interlocutor to repeat. You don't want to spend a fortune repairing your iPhone XS Max,so you're in the right place!...

  • $ 27.59

    IPhone XS Max bottom speakerYou realized that your speaker was no longer working when you wanted to watch a video on Youtube. The maximum sound, nothing happens and the same when you launch itunes and an MP3. It's a classic outage that you can repair yourself easily and save a lot of money compared to the mall repairer's estimate. Buying your replacement...

  • $ 39.79

    On Off iPhone XS Max ignition sheetYou can no longer turn on or off your iPhone XS Max. You may press the Power button multiple times, but it doesn't want to start. The Power button is not itself involved, it is the tablecloth that is inside the phone and makes contact when you press the button. The only solution is therefore to repair it is to replace...

  • $ 47.58

    iPhone XS Max vibrator engineYou use the vibrator function quite frequently, as this gives you complete discretion when you receive messages or calls during meetings without disturbing other participants. However that day you missed quite a few calls because your iPhone XS Max didn't vibrate as planned. Find this feature quickly by replacing the Vibreur...

  • $ 120.05

    iPhone XS Max rear cameraYou are sad because the camera on your iPhone XS Max is no longer working properly and you are apprehensive of huge repair costs. A black screen and an error message appear every time you launch the camera app, you can't use it in photo or video capture at all. Finishes for you the posts of your daily adventures on social networks...

  • $ 81.25

    iPhone XS Max front camera case Warning: When replacing the camera tablecloth, the Face ID function will no longer work. (because blocked by Apple) A lock code will be required.Your are tired of taking low quality selfies with your iPhone XS Max. Indeed recently, your photos are more and more bad, bland, dull ... a lack of colour and brightness is...

  • $ 9.65

    Support nano-Sim iPhone XS MaxCan't get your hands on your sim drawer. You were certain to have laid it on your desk but it has like.... Gone.... You've searched all over the place, but he's nowhere to be found. How do you use your iPhone XS Max without a sim drawer? This may be difficult as it is the only way to connect your sim card to your phone to...

  • $ 579.59

    full screen iPhone XS Max Original Warning: When replacing the screen, Face ID may no longer work if you're using an iOS 11 or higher version.You couldn't resist ... As soon as you left the iPhone XS Max you rushed to the store to buy your new everyday companion. You are proud of it and you use it almost 24 hours a day. Alas this morning you dropped it...

  • $ 55.19

    iPhone XS Max wireless charging tableRepair your iPhone yourself and save up to 4 times less than if you used a repair center. Your beautiful iPhone XS Max has fallen, the screen is safe but when you put it on the charging base to recharge it, nothing happens, it no longer charges. Discountmymobile introduces you to a replacement wireless charging slick...

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

Repairing your cheap iPhone XS Max

The screen of theiPhone XS MAX has an average size of 6.5'', a weight of 208 grams and a height of 157.5 mm; which makes it easier to transport. Its screen resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels allows it to switch videos to the proportions of the screen. Its Super Amoled screen gives a very special touch in its makeover, its presentation and also its resistance. These are major arguments not to hesitate to make the choice of replacement parts of the iPhone XS MAX with Discountmymobile.

iPhone XS MAX replacement parts

You are looking for beauty, efficiency and lightness, welcome to us. We'll introduce you to detached parts of iPhone XS MAX so you can make the most of its captivating coloring. Their gold, grey and silver colours will clearly reflect your personality.

We will proceed in order, i.e. storage, processor, photo, Sim and other add-ons. In terms of memory, theiPhone XS MAX has a memory that ranges from 64-512go and its 4GB RAM gives it to switch from one application to another, from one game to another without slowing down or bug.

With an ARM8-type A12 Bionic Hexa-Core processor, theiPhone XS MAX is capable of temperature management. So it has a double rear camera of 12Mp each with a flash in the back. The front camera, along with 7Mp, handles selfies, facial unlocks, video calls, etc. This smartphone has an ability to take a double Sim (Nano Sim and eSim), because does not take into account Micro-Sim.

In addition, it supports three network standards. That is: LTE, HSPA, GSM. It can therefore connect on the frequencies 3G and 4G LTE. It also has a WIFI sensor, Bluetooth and an NFC. Its 3.1 USB version allows it to quickly copy files from an external medium to its internal system.

TheiPhone XS MAX has assets that many don't have. In other words, it can withstand a depth of 22 meters in the water and its battery goes up to 2 days in standard use. In addition, its built-in features allow people with disabilities to benefit from full and secure assistance with their iPhone XS MAX. All the more reason to trust us for choosing your replacement screen for iPhone XS MAX.

Also, thanks to its iOSoperating system, information security is no more than a game, as it is reputed to be the best protected system in the world. Nevertheless, there are some concerns. The absence of a jack, no fingerprint, no Radio FM and adapter sold separately. To allow you to make the most of your iPhone XS MAX feel free to trust Discountmymobile to find all thespare parts of your iPhone XS MAX.

Service à la carte

Discountmymobile is the perfect place to find your screen or repair room for iPhone XS Max and if by the greatest chance you do not find the part you are looking for on our support, contact our team via online chat or email and we will be very happy to find you the room and make it available to you on our itnernet site.

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