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écrans et pièces détachées iPhone XR à prix discount !  There are 12 products.

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  • $ 12.29

    TPU Transparent Acrylic Rear Hull i phone 6 6s 7 8 Plus XS XR 11 Pro Max Anti-scratches Compatible:for iphone 11 Pro Maxfor iphone 11 Pro for iphone 11 XS Maxfor iphone 11 XS for iphone XRfor iphone Xfor iphone 8 Plusfor iphone 8for iphone 7 Plusfor iphone 7for iphone 6S Plusfor iphone 6Sfor iphone 6 Plusfor iphone 6Color: Anti-shock transparent Send from...

  • $ 17.93

    Nappe signal Wifi iPhone XRYou always have a blank page "no network" when you try to launch an internet search window on your iPhone XR. Even on what's app when you write a message the sending function is no longer available... What's going on? You've lost the Wi-Fi signal on your iPhone so you need to replace the wifi tablecloth for it to work again. New...

  • $ 17.93

    IPhone XR 4G signal receiving antennaIf you're having reception problems on your iPhone XR,the sim card is well functional since it works on your old iPhone 7. The signal bars are at their lowest and you don't get anything.... Then opt for the replacement of the 4G signal antenna to allow you to recover from the network. Discountmymobile offers delivery...

  • $ 17.93

    Nappe signal GPS iPhone XRYour GPS reception is very bad, you get lost constantly when you try to use geo-location on your iPhone XR. You've tried to download the app several times but it's still the same. What's going on? This is your GPS antenna that is defective and prevents the reception of the signal. Discountmymobile offers a new and original GPS...

  • $ 45.53

    Nappe Port charge and micro iPhone XRIs your iPhone XR no longer detected by your computer when you connect it via the USB charging cable? The Lightning cable is well functional because it still charges your iPad properly, so it's not involved. Discountmymobile offers you the solution with a new replacement tablecloth to repair it at a lower cost. Repair...

  • $ 9.65

    iPhone XR sim card supportYou wanted to change your sim card on a trip but can't find your sim drawer.... essential element to capture the network on your iPhone XR. Where did he go? You've gone home, but you can't get your hands on it. Then opt for a replacement with a new and original Drawer offered by Discountmymobile at a low price. 5 Colors available...

  • $ 37.18

    iPhone XR bottom speakerIs your iPhone XR external speaker no longer working? The sound sizzles until saturation and becomes inaudible? It's a penalizing failure because no sound comes out of your iPhone when you want to listen to music, watch videos or even put communication in speaker mode. You can easily repair it cheaply with our new and original...

  • $ 116.47

    iPhone XR rear cameraYou love taking day-to-day shots of a whole bunch of things that catch your attention, but since your iPhone XR rear camera module is no longer working, you're feeling at zero because you can't power your blog anymore. It's time to act and fix this breakdown that is ruining your life. Buy our new and original rear camera tablecloth to...

  • $ 53.81

    Taptic iPhone XR VibratorIs the vibrator on your iPhone XR fickle? It works a bit as it wants but never at the most important moments and you have it over your head to miss important messages and calls. Indeed you use this function a lot during your daily meetings so as not to disturb the people around you. Order our Taptic iPhone XRvibrator module....

  • $ 487.13

    full screen iPhone XR Max Original Warning: When replacing the screen, Face ID may no longer work if you're using an iOS 11 or higher version.You're thrilled with your latest acquisition, the iPhone XR! It's almost become your best friend because you take him everywhere with you. Alas he slipped from your hand and ended up face down ... its screen is...

  • $ 86.58

    iPhone XR front cameraThe front camera of your iPhone XR makes its own and has trouble working. You can no longer chat via FaceTime or post to your Instagram account. The photos were so far very blurry but now it's the systematic black screen when you open the camera app as well as an error message. The Discountmymobile team to select for you this new and...

  • $ 91.78

    iPhone XR internal speakerYou can no longer understand what your interlocutors are saying in a communication. The sound is weak or emits small sizzles. It's not a hearing problem, it's just the internal speaker that's defective. Discountmymobile offers a complete new replacement tablecloth to repair your iPhone XR easily and cheaply. Our team tracks all...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Find all the repair parts of the iPhone Xr

Apple bet big on his iPhone Xr model. This technological gem has extraordinary features and a reduced price. However, as powerful as it is, it is not immune to damage. As a result, the Apple brand has not thought about everything, Discountmymobile provides its large clientele with a set of replacement parts for iPhone Xr in order to resolve any failures.

Replacement parts of the iPhone Xr

Aware that theiPhone constitutes two thirds of sales, Discountmymobile does not skimp on its attractiveness policy and makes available to its customers screens and all other parts in lieu of the original parts at discount prices continuously.

For its iPhone Xr phones, the firm has concocted beautiful 6.1-inch screens that are still very fragile in the event of a shock. This model uses a Retina LCD screen, which Discountmymobile offers in Générique or Original version. Our replacement iPhone XR screen kit is adorned to be installed. Its 3D touch technology is of very good quality.

To secure your iPhonescreens, we provide you with seals for iPhone Xr screen. These are double-sided adhesives that help to glue or glue a repairedscreen, they are identical to the original, they push the screen seal while perfectly marrying the inside of the chassis. The latter will allow you to work as a pro at home without going through professionals who will offer you a price often too high.

As for the rear window for iPhone XR, this room allows you to charge your phone by induction, it also has a camera protection lens and comes in several colors. The rear camera for iPhone Xr has a capacity of 12 MP, with a digital zoom up to 5X for ever more real photos. It offers optical stabilization and has a panoramic rear sensor exceeding 63 MP. These replacement parts are of course available in our discount shop.

We also offer replacement batteries for your iPhone Xr, they are all original. They recharge at any time, they don't have to be fully unloaded or reloaded 100%. Your iPhone will keep charging longer without cutting.

In the iPhone XR Screen Kit, there is also a protective tempered glass window and a 7-piece tool set to make it easier to disassemble. These will allow you to bring your smartphone to life in depth. For all the screens and spare parts we offer, we rely on tests of each product, proof that at Home at Discountmymobile, we always want to push our limits to satisfy our customers. Don't hesitate to contact us, you will be one of our thousands of satisfied customers.

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