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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items

iPhone 7 Plus Repair Parts

The iPhone 7 Plus is a real technological gem that offers these users an unusual ease in terms of ease of use. It's an evolution of the iPhone 7 that has inherited all these advantages in terms of reliability and durability.

All repair parts of your iPhone 7 plus

The screen of theiPhone 7 Plus is about the same as that of the iPhone 7, in fact, it is an HD retina screen, i.e. a panoramic Multi-Touch LCD screen equipped with IPS technology. It is a wide-range color screen (P3) that gives a very nice display to the view, it has a high resolution (1920 x 1080 pixel at 401 ppp). It therefore provides excellent images in all circumstances, its brightness reaches 625 cd/m2 but its contrast has a maximum value of 1,300:1. Its 5.5' screen has an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints, dust, splashes and water, it has an IP67 protection index defined by CIS Standard 60529. It also has features specially designed for the disabled (visual and/or motor).

Its battery is lithium-ion with built-in charging and has been designed to withstand longer than the iPhone 7. It therefore allows you to last more than a day and a half of normal use. In terms of conversion time, it reaches 21 hours in 3 G with a standby of about 16 days, it also recharges via a USB port by computer or through a sector adapter. Discountmymobile offers higher-quality lithium-ion batteries for iPhone 7.

All repair parts to repair your smartphone are available from us. Whatever part you replace you will find it at Discountmymobile,so, sector adapter, LCD screen kit, battery, etc. are available at us. All these parts are original or compatible and perfectly suited with your iPhone 7 Plus,so a simple repair of damaged part, a renovation of worn part will not cause you any problem.

Apart from all the parts mentioned above, we also have load connectors, various tablecloths, signal antennas, internal speakers... Can't find the room you're looking for? Please, our sales team is available by simple contact via Chat Online or by email for any request and will be happy to make available to you the room you want.

TheiPhone 7 Plus is a state-of-the-art smartphone, which will have an exceptional lifespan if you take advantage of the original repair parts from Discountmymobile.

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The Discountmymobile team is happy to offer you the delivery fee on ALL screens and iPHONE replacement parts! Enjoy!