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Acheter mon smartphone neuf Honor au meilleur prix !  There are 14 products.

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1 display - 14 / 14 articles

Smartphones Honor at Discount Prices

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The smartphones Honor are undoubtedly today the telephones most in demand around the world given their quality / price ratio. They are available in several models, different from each other thanks to their functionality, and you can order them on our platform. The question that comes up very often among all consumers is whether it is possible today to find a reliable delivery service online. This is the case at Discountmymobile .

Honor in a few words

It is a brand owned by the Chinese designer giant Huawei . It was set up to satisfy consumers of the latest technology on a budget. This does not mean that these are second zone phones, no! They effectively meet the expectations of any user, and are available in several models on the market.

The Honor view 20 smartphone, a real technological marvel

It is a state-of-the-art phone , which has a very large screen reaching to the ends. This screen has a size of 6.4 inches of the IPS LCD type which takes up almost the entire front panel of the phone. It has a 24 Megapixel front camera allowing you to take very successful photos. Above all, it has a very attractive design.

It has the most powerful android version currently on the phone market, version 9 with a 2.4 GHz processor and 6 to 8 Gb random access memory (RAM). As you can see, it's a real war machine that will allow you to navigate efficiently without the risk of being interrupted by a bug.

On the battery side, it has a power of 4000 mAh. This makes it possible to alleviate the concern of repeated charging which very often damages the battery. According to the designer, the Honor view 20 can last 2 days. In addition to this it has a very fast charge and like any latest technological phone, it can also be charged by induction (wireless charging).

Honor 10: technical sheet and characteristics

Not very far from Huawei P20 , it is much appreciated by the general public. It has a RAM of 4 or 6 Gigas, with a processor of 2.3 GHz. It has a 5.84 inch widescreen display with a high definition screen resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. It has a 16 Megapixel front camera and another 24 Megapixel rear camera, all supported by an Android 8.1 Oreo version and available from Discountmymobile .

The all new smartphone Honor 10 Lite

It is one of the phones released at the start of 2019 as announced by its designer. It is the simplified version of the Honor 10 although its screen is larger and is 6.21 inches. It has some features of both the Honor 8 and the Honor 10 at the same time, but in a much simpler way. It has a 2.2 GHz processor, with a RAM of 3 to 4 gb. Its battery has a power of 3400 mAh thus giving it a very good autonomy, to alleviate concerns due to a too rapid discharge and repetitive charges.

It has a triple camera, a 24 Megapixel front and two rear cameras of 2 and 13 Megapixels respectively, which have the role of taking larger images at an angle of 120. All these features are carried by an Android version 9.0 with an EMUI 9 interface specific to phones designed by Huawei .

The Honor 8X phone, the latest addition to the X range

This model is the latest in the designer's X range . Morphologically, it is similar to the Honor 10 , but with the only difference that it has a slightly larger screen size of 6.5 inches. This screen has a high definition resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. It is also made to satisfy lovers of photography with its 20 Megapixel front camera and the 16 Megapixel rear camera. It is equipped with a RAM of 4 Gigas, a processor of 2.2 GHx. It contains a powerful 3750 mAh battery, and responds effectively to lovers of 3D games available on Playstore .

Choose a secure service

You have the choice between spending more on approximate service, or insuring your expenses with quality service. At Discountmymobile , we guarantee that these products come to you with a one-year warranty provided by us with the manufacturer. An after-sales service is available to take care of the slightest technical problems when you are under warranty and even after because Discountmymobile offers a whole range of screens and repair parts to restore your smartphone Honor to the best price .

The different payment methods for your smartphones Honor

They are made by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Bitcoin or Altcoins via Coingate . We are aware that many people have doubts about the online payment system, but we guarantee that our transactions are carried out on a secure platform, 100% confidential.

Since our creation, we have not yet received bad feedback, and our customers are very satisfied with the service provided. You can therefore order one of these Honor phones and have it delivered safely as @5Q0S4 as possible.

Delivery is by DHL to your door and delivered against your signature.

Order your new Honor smartphone @7I8O6 at the best price at Discountmymobile !

  • Honor 8

    smartphone Honor 8

    A high-end Chinese smartphone at a broken price is the Honor 8

    Featuring an aluminum frame, the Honor 8 has glass finishes. 5.2-inch Full HD LCD screen with a definition of 1920x1080p. The camera has a dual 12MP 8MP sensor at the rear that allows even in bright conditions to improve the quality of photos taken. For the front camera/selfie the photo sensor is 8 Mpx. The Honor 8 is equipped with a Kirin 950 octocore processor coupled with 4GB of Ram and clocked at 2.3 Ghz.The smartphone's storage space is 32GB, knowing that this is expandable via a MicroSD card. On the Honor 8 is present a USB Type-C charging connector / port and a very appreciable battery of 3000 mAh with a fast charging capacity of 30 minutes for 50% battery.

    The Huawei Honor 8 has performance comparable to a high-end iPhone!

    The Honor 8 is available in 5 colors: black, white, pink, gold and blue.

    Feel more has flipped in the world Huawei,which offers performance equal to or even superior to those of a Samsung or iPhone. The reliability and strength of their laptop is also much better and the after-sales service in case of breakage is much more affordable.

    Discountmymobile offers the Honor 8 at discount prices and exclusively!

    Order your smartphone Huawei Honor 8 today!

  • Honor 9

    smartphone Honor 9

    The Chinese giant wants to get closer to high-end smartphones, and it is with the Honor 9 that it intends to achieve this!

    The Honor 9 has relied on the technical sheet to achieve the performance of a high-end smartphone. The technical features are almost identical to those of the Huawei P10,with a superb 5.2-inch Full HD LTPS display (1920 x 1080 px) and a 423ppp resolution that counters the light rays, allowing you to read even in full sun. It has a design to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the rear shell is not subject to excessive heating even for intensive use. In terms of its strength, the technical sheet, a Kirin 960 clocked at 2.4 GHz and 4GB of RAM that will allow you to run without problem any application of the Play Store with a certain fluidity. At the camera level, always a dual sensor as usual with the Chinese manufacturer, but without its usual partnership with Leica. It offers us a 12MP main photo sensor and a 20MP second, as well as an 8MP front-facing camera. Its 3200mAh battery will allow you a battery life of more than one day for standard use.

    Don't hesitate, get the Huawei Honor 9 at Discountmymobile at a discount!

  • Honor 9 Lite

    Chinese smartphone Honor 9 Lite

    Honor 9 Lite, the smartphone of the time

    Let yourself be seduced by luxury, show off by using the latest smartphone calls. Both modern and very practical, the smartphoneHonor 9 Lite leaves no one indifferent and surely impresses even those who are not very fans of high-tech.

    Like its modern and ultra-sophisticated look that appeals from the first glance, the Chinese smartphone Honor 9 Lite also has a very high performance. With its 2.36GHz Kirin 659 Octo-Core processor and 3GB RAM, you can take advantage of the highest-end applications. You can also play the most powerful games thanks to the high performance of the Chinese phone's processorHonor and the state of its 3000 mAh battery. Indeed, the battery of the smartphone Honor 9 Lite lasts for several hours listening to music and watching videos.

    Do you like to illustrate your milestones? With the smartphoneHonor 9 Lite, you can take as much live and natural photos as you like with its dual rear camera 13-2MP. Make your selfies even more fun with the Honor 9 Lite'sdouble front-facing camera.

    The smartphone Honor 9 Lite has everything to satisfy any high-tech fanatic. It has wide connectivity allowing you to connect to Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, Wi-Fi, USB, etc. You can also enjoy high-performance multi-tasking with its Android 8.0 Oreo.

    Would you like to give a smartphone to your loved ones as a gift?

    Discountmymobile offers you the smartphone Honor Lite is available in several colors so you can buy it according to your preferences.

    Order your Honor 9 Lite now at the best price!

  • Honor V10 View

    Smartphone Honor View 10

    Honor view 10 black, the trendy Chinese smartphone 2018

    The Honor 10 is the new smartphone model from the Chinese phone company Huawei . Succeeding the Honor 8 Pro released last year, this new model keeps the same design with a metal shell that resists fingerprints. Equipped with a double photo in the back part, the aesthetics of the mobile are refined.

    The physical properties of the V10 View

    The Honor 10 has a fairly large size, with a height of 15.7 cm, a width of 7.5 cm and a thickness of 0.697 cm. On the other hand, its weight is quite light compared to its size, i.e. 174 g for a volume of 82.07 cm3. As for the display, this Chinese phone Honor has a screen of 5.99 inches with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 px for a resolution of 403 ppi. Its screen is equipped with high-performance IPS (In-plane switching) technology.

    Technical capability of V10 View

    Running an Android 8 system, this Chinese smartphone has an EMUI 8.0 user interface. Equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 970 processor, this mobile works with 8 cores at a frequency of 2.36 GHz. This processor works on a RAM of 6 GB. Regarding its storage capacity, it is estimated at 128 GB.

    The multimedia features of the V10 View

    The camera of this Chinese smartphone Honor has a main sensor of 16 Mpx, a front sensor of 13 Mpx and a second sensor of 20 Mpx. For video, the recording has a definition of 3840 x 2160 px. Unfortunately, this mobile does not have an FM Radio.

    Autonomy of Honor V10 View

    The Honor V10 View is equipped with a 3750mAh battery, a very suitable choice to support the use of an IPS display. The charge of this battery is scheduled for a period of 11:45. This is well worth its price of 500 euros.

    Connectivity of the V10 View

    As for the input and output port, it has Wi-Fi support compatible with standards: Wi-Fi 802.11b, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Wi-Fi 802.11g and Wi-Fi 802.11n. This Chinese smartphone is also equipped with support for Bluetooth version 4.2. It can also be connected to a jack, to a USB connector (HOST compatibility) and an NFC support.

    The Smartphone Honor V10 View is available at Discountmymobile at the best price!

  • Huawei Honor Note 8

    Order your Chinese Honor Note 8 smartphone at the best price

    Huawei offers us here an out-of-the-ordinary smartphone with a gigantic 6.6-inch screen for those who always want bigger, we have the honor to present theHonor Note 8.

    We are no longer talking about smartphones but Phablet with this model that measures 178.8 x 90.9 x7.18 for 219 grams. It will not suit everyone because you can not easily slip it in his pocket but will delight people looking for great ecran in Highdefinition. The Honor Note 8's Super Almoled LCD display offers a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels or 445PPi. It is equipped with the Hisilicon Kirin 955 8-core processor clocked up to 2.5 GHz and paired with a Mali T-880MP4 graphics chip.

    Connected level it has a USB 2.0/ Type C socket and incorporates a powerful 4500mAh battery.

    On the aesthetic side it is assembled in a metal case of the most beautiful effect giving it a premium high-end appearance.

    The Honor Note 8 is available in Gold and Silver and in a 64gb version - 4gb Ram or 128GB - 4gb Ram

    Discountmymobile offers you the best Huawei phones at the best price and all year round!

  • Huawei Honor 8 Pro (V9)

    The smartphone made for gamers, the Honor 8 Pro!

    The Chinese firm has decided to create a gaming-oriented smartphone. Indeed, AAA mobile games have excellent graphics worthy of a PC, which is why most smartphones today have a hard time running the latest games in ultra quality and with optimal fluidity. Huawei thought of the players to release this smartphone Honor 8 Pro or V9 incredible, which will run all the current and upcoming games of the Play Store with a level of detail put to the maximum. Thanks to its Kirin 960 and 6GB OF RAM chip, the Honor 8 Pro is the best performing one at the moment.

    A superb IPS WQHD display (2560 x 1440) for a resolution of 515 pixels. A bright screen and an anti-reflective system that will allow you to play in full sun without any discomfort. The 4000mAh battery ensures long hours of play, all without any heating! At the camera level, good quality with 2 12MP modules and an 8Mpx front camera

    Buy now the best smartphoneHuawei ever designed for players at Discountmymobile,the Honor 8 Pro/V9. V9

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