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Hisense: Screens, Repair Kits and Spare Parts  There are 45 products.

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1 display - 45 / 45 articles

How to repair the screen of his phone Hisense

Did the screen of your Hisense brand smartphone just break? Would you like to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers you on its store dedicated to smartphone parts and screens of screens adapted to all the different smartphone models of the Hisense brand. Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restore your Hisense smartphone.

Hisense is the world's number 1 Chinese brand for televisions. It also offers refrigerators, freezers, but also smartphones and their accessories. Hisense materials have an excellent value for money. They have the particularity of being easy to manipulate and durable. Thus, in the event of a breakdown, you can repair your phone yourself, either for screen problems or for the replacement of certain parts. And we offer you to discover his pieces in our shop.

What is Hisense really worth?

Created in 1969 in China, the brand Hisense was a small radio factory. It began in 1970, the design of television stations. Nine years later, the brand was established during the implementation of the industrial plan launched by the Chinese government. The aim was to provide household appliances to Chinese households. Little by little, Hisense becomes the largest conglomerate leader in domestic appliance manufacturers in China. China’s openness to the rest of the world has allowed it to increase its development. Its objective is to make the latest technologies affordable. For this, it offers high-end televisions with a high definition 4K at very good prices.

Products Hisense integrate the latest technologies and, indeed, the brand uses technology SMR which is practically not proposed by any brand. In terms of telephony, it offers state-of-the-art smartphones that offer the best visual experience. Infinity H12 Liter, Infinity E9, Infinity H12, Infinity H12 Lite Bleu, Infinity F24 are some models of smartphones bearing the brand Hisense.

Find all accessories to rehabilitate your smartphone

Your phone has a screen problem and you are afraid to worsen it? Know that you can repair your screen yourself. Instead of throwing the phone or thinking about buying a new one, this repair will prevent you from spending hundreds of euros unnecessarily. It is also the most economical and ecological solution to restore your smartphone. That's what we're proposing at Discountmymobile with our Repair Kit.

Repairing a smartphone screen is within everyone’s reach when you know how to pay attention. It is necessary to be meticulous and to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to the letter. In order not to lose your data, you must make a backup before dismantling the device.

The dismantling shall be carried out on a well-ranked workplan. It is necessary to have the necessary tools as a screw organizer. Some models require specific tools for their repair. To make it easier for you, Discountmymobile offers you a set tool 7 dismantling pieces with each replacement screen ordered in our shop. This set includes spatules, screwdriver and positioning adhesive for the new screen.

Best offers in the market

When repairing, it is important to have quality spare equipment. Home Discountmymobile, you have the choice between several powerful screens for your device. We offer you new and durable products that guarantee the durability of your repair. In order to ensure the quality of our accessories, screens and parts are tested using test boots designed for each model.

That you're looking for a screen Hisense King Kong 4, one screen Hisense F23, one screen Hisense F24 H11 Lite, one screen Hisense F26 or a screen Hisense C20 King Kong 2..... We have the replacement screen kit in stock ready to be shipped to you in the best conditions.

Your satisfaction is our priority and for this, we offer a 6-month warranty on the screens (out of break or collage). Do not hesitate to contact us for any screen purchase. We are able to find you the piece you are looking for even if it is not present on the site. Our customer service is at your disposal for a chat or e-mail exchange.

Welcome to the ideal boutique for the repair of your Hisense smartphone, i named Discountmymobile !

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