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Having a smartphone means offering yourself a tool of major importance in terms of communication in modern society. A smartphone is both a working tool, but also a distraction tool. It can be used for all purposes, thanks to often very advanced features and innovative technologies. For a long time, only smartphones made by the most well-known brands on the market such as Apple iPhone and Samsung retained the exclusivity of the qualities intrinsically recognized to smartphones. But that time seems to be long gone now, in the face of the great growth experienced by Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies.

Doogee, an emerging brand

While Chinese smartphone models were once unstable due to their often weak functionality and design, most manufacturers have made large investments in recent years. The same goes for the manufacturer Doogee who really got into the dance. And the results are more and more noticeable with the very high quality of the models newly put on the market that have almost nothing to envy to the smartphone models of the giants of the sector. If you don't have an iPhone of Apple, you can always get a Chinese smartphone that offers features that are close to it at a much lower cost. This is the main advantage with Chinese smartphones: the possibility of affording luxury at a reduced price. TheDoogeebrand's @5C2D6 smartphone models respond well to this expectation.

Doogee, unrivalled resistance

Talking about smartphones Doogee talks about the unrivalled resistance of smartphones to shocks. On the manufacturer's website, we can surprise several videos showing how resistant smartphones Doogee are. Thrown on a rock, crushed by the tires of a vehicle, etc., the smartphone model Doogee S40 challenges all levels of violence exerted by shocks. So difficult with such a smartphone to be faced with a cracked screen problem after purchase. The Y7 Plus,the Doogee S90,theDoogee S80,theDoogee X60L are some other models of the brand that you can enjoy and that develop to varying degrees the same resilience capabilities.

Doggee, a design that seduces

Smartphones Doogee are resistant, but they also have an attractive design that attracts them from the world. This is the case of the Y7 Plus which is entirely dedicated to youth. It's a full-color smartphone with a battery life of 5080mAh, a dual camera, and a large storage capacity, which greatly enhances performance levels. The user of a smartphone Doogee therefore enjoys an excellent experience. Buying a smartphone from the brand Doogeemeans usefully investing its resources to have a high-end smartphone without breaking the bank.

Get the smartphone Doogee of your choice on Discountmymobile

The Discountmymobile store has been particularly involved in the Chinese smartphone market. Thanks to its contacts with the manufacturer of smartphones Doogee, it offers you to choose and order on its website the smartphone model Doogee that resembles you. The smartphonesDoogee offered on the shop have all been unlocked and can work perfectly on the different networks of French telecommunications operators. They can also work with the French 4G internet B20 800mHz. In addition, they integrate Google Playinto their system.

Discountmymobile's Doogee smartphones are new and affordable. Upon purchase, the customer is offered a 12-month guarantee. When a manufacturing defect is discovered within this time frame, the store promises to replace the product. For deliveries of your orders to the store, the DHL channel is used for better speed.

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