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Pièces et écrans de réparation iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, SE, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, Edge à prix discount !  There are 94 products.

Showing 1 - 52 of 94 items
Showing 1 - 52 of 94 items

Repair my iPhone 6S, 6, SE, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, Edge

Vintage repair parts for iPhone

Discountmymobile offers in this section the screens and repair parts for the first generations ofiPhone released on the market. You will find different tablecloths, connectors, shells, buttons, chassis, screens .... at prices defying all competition.

You found an old iPhone at the bottom of a drawer and you want to restore it to working order? You've knocked on the right door because on the Discountmymobile website you will most certainly get your hands on the iPhone repair part you're looking for.

FREE shipping all over the world!

  • iPhone SE

    Find your iPhone SE repair parts

    We're always very upset when you drop your smartphone and the screen breaks. If in this case it is your iPhone SE that has paid the price then it is important to repair it. But where to find the right screen and all the spare parts needed to get your smartphone back to Apple you ask?

    I broke the screen of my iPhone SE, what to do?

    Discountmymobile is the perfect platform for all your damaged laptop parts problems. To this end, we have a wide range of authentic products tested in the best conditions. And this, by experienced experts and qualified according to international standards. Indeed, this iPhone SE with its 4-inch IPS screen and its definition of 1136 X 640 can quickly become complicated to repair when you have no precise idea or find the right elements for this task. So don't get ripped off by unscrupulous dealers who sell you screens and all spare parts of dubious qualities at extravagant prices.

    Join the thousands of satisfied buyers of Discountmymobile and enjoy products guaranteed 6 months (excluding scraps). In addition, free shipping all over the world (express also available).

  • iPhone 6S Plus

    Repair parts for iPhone 6s plus

    The iPhone 6s Plus is a more advanced smartphone version, in terms of technology it is also the direct eldest of the iPhone 6s. It therefore aims to outperform its predecessor in a number of respects.

    High-quality repair parts

    TheiPhone 6s Plus is a smartphone with powerful features and a very flattering design. It has an IPS display screen with very good brightness, very strong contrast and striking image quality. Indeed, its contrast reaches 1501:1 for a maximum brightness of about 583 cd/m2, its amazing colorimetry benefits from a brightness ratio of about 9.5%.

    With a medium delta E at 1.6, a very balanced color spectrum although the color temperature is slightly high at 7151 kelvins, it offers an exceptional color rendering. Discountmymobile provides replacement screen kits for iPhone 6s plus to solve all your screen failure problems.

    TheiPhone 6s Plus also has a solid battery that reaches 2750 mAh for good battery life given these features. This would allow you to enjoy a normal day of use without recharging. Like most iPhone charging systems in theApplerange, it uses a USB port for ease of charging. Indeed, proud of all these technological innovations theiPhone 6s more thanApple is very practical. Discountmymobile also has multiple original battery for iPhone 6s Plus.

    For some reason, your iPhone 6s Plus can suffer various damage directly affecting its screen, which will influence smartphone usage. Everything you'll need as spare parts (batteries, screen kits, seals, etc.) are available at Discountmymobile.

    TheiPhone 6s plusApple is a high-performance smartphone that benefits from many technological improvements. This smartphone has the best IPS display on the market, a very good battery life allows you to enjoy your phone for as long as possible. Its performance thus its responsiveness makes it indispensable for any use.

    Apart from the spare parts we mentioned above, Discountmymobile still has a good variety of repair parts for iPhone 6s Plus. Rooms such as: tablecloths of all types, Sim drawers, dust racks, vibrators... are available, original and they won't cost you much.

    Dedicated customer service

    Discountmymobile's customer service makes every effort to bring you full satisfaction when ordering, you can contact our commercial and technical support at any time by email or via our online chat for any questions or requests. You will receive a quick answer to your questions.

    Discountmymobile is pleased to welcome you to its online store.

  • iPhone 6S

    Fix my iPhone 6s smartphone

    TheiPhone 6s is a smartphone of the Apple high-performance product range with very interesting features. This amazing smartphone is sought after by thousands of consumers and will have a very long lifespan thanks to our iPhone 6s repair parts.

    An evening a little too watered, a lack of attention, an unfortunate fall ... ? Your iPhone 6S laptop is no longer the same, it is disfigured, with small pieces of glass covering the surface of the screen, what to do? Changing phones? It really wasn't planned in the budget of the month.... Surprise! There will be no need to rush into acquiring a new phone because thanks to Discountmymobile this situation will soon be a bad memory, order your iPhone 6S touchscreen and make the replacement of your faulty screen yourself! This is the most economical way to bring a new life to your iPhone 6S mobile.

    Many repair parts for iPhone 6 S

    The screen of theiPhone 6s is simply a real technological feat, in terms of visual rendering, for a mobile LCD IPS screen, it's really excellent. The brightness is very satisfying with 583 CD/m2 at 9% and with a reinforced contrast of more than 70% compared to theiPhone 6. The screen display has an impressive touch responsiveness of about 29ms as well as a latency of about 17 ms, in case of failure (crack, break) it is also very easy to replace. Discountmymobile offers excellent qualityiPhone 6s screens at very affordable prices.

    TheiPhone 6s is a smartphone that has a battery delivering a power of 1715 mAh with a fairly good battery life. This lithium-ion battery remains high-performance and allows you to spend about a day of normal use. Its loading is done via a USB plug changeable by computer or with an adapter sector. Discountmymobile also has very good quality iPhone 6s batteries.

    This smartphone from the Apple range is a true concentration of technology with a very neat style. The performance and responsiveness of theiPhone 6's all-purpose plus a very comfortable and enjoyable grip are all reasons why we offer you LCD screen kits, batteries, various tablecloths, charging connectors as well as many other repair parts for iPhone 6s.

    No matter why your smartphone needs repair, we'll provide you with effective solutions. No need to changeiPhone,have it repaired with repair parts for the iPhone 6s. Your smartphone will always perform as well after replacement with a spare part from Discountmymobile.

    The spare parts presented are original products because they are perfectly compatible with your smartphone. In addition to the myriad pieces we have mentioned above, we still have a very wide range of original pieces. Camera modules, speakers, Wi-Fi Signal antennas and all the rooms so you'll need to keep enjoying your smartphone. So don't worry about your iPhone 6s, Discountmymobile aims to offer you all the repair parts so you need to restore your smartphone.

    Discountmymobile personalized service

    If by the greatest chance you do not find the repair part you want on our support, we invite you to contact our Hotline by chat or email in order to submit your request. We will make the product available to you on the site as soon as possible (subject to availability at the manufacturer).

    This is Discountmymobile's personalized service!

  • iPhone 6 Plus

    Repair parts for iPhone 6 plus

    TheiPhone 6 over Apple is a true concentration of technology created to bring you the best of the smartphone. This beautiful device with its neat design look that is the pride ofApple is very handy, reliable and easy to help with spare parts available.

    A diverse range of replacement parts

    TheiPhone 6 plus with its HD retinal screen offers good visual ease, with a color temperature of 7428 K, a latency of 67 ms adapted to the functionality of the smartphone. In addition, this screen has a contrast of 11,127: 1 delta E 1.9 and also a brightness of 440 cd/m2, it meets current standards while delivering excellent image quality. This screen is therefore a real technological feat allowing you to enjoy the most features of the iPhone 6 plus.

    At Discountmymobile,you'll find LCD screen kits with touch pane for iPhone 6 plus.

    This smartphone also has a lithium-ion battery that better handles energy leakage, so it's stronger, making it more durable in terms of battery life. For charging you will benefit from a USB plug that can be charged by computer or with an adapter.

    Discountmymobile also has good quality battery at gift prices.

    The iPhone 6 Plus is a real technological marvel, however, it can be the victim of a breakdown. Whether it's an LCD screen, Sim drawers, dust racks, power tablecloths, Wifi, volume and GPS antenna, vibrators, load connectors or even batteries all what you need as spare parts for your iPhone 6 plus will be available from us.

    So you won't need to change your smartphone in case of a breakdown, you'll just have to source iPhone 6 repair parts more originally at Discountmymobile. So you can restore the functionality of your smartphone very easily and cheaply. In addition to the parts we've presented to you, there are other high-end spare parts at your disposal, camera modules with proximity sensors, screw sets, Home button seals and more.

    TheiPhone 6 Plus is a smartphone of exceptional functionality benefiting from a very good ergonomics. Behind its beautiful design lies a technological marvel that Discountmymobile allows you to help with more high quality iPhone 6 repair parts.

    I broke my iPhone 6 Plus screen, what do I do?

    An evening a little too watered, a lack of attention, an unfortunate fall ... ? Your iPhone 6 Plus smartphone is not the same, it is disfigured, with small pieces of glass covering the surface of the screen, what to do? Changing phones? It really wasn't planned in the budget of the month.... Surprise! There will be no need to rush into acquiring a new phone because thanks to Discountmymobile this situation will soon be a bad memory, order your touch screen for your iPhone 6 Plus and make the replacement of your faulty screen yourself! This is the most economical solution to bring a new life to your iPhone 6 Plus smartphone. We also offer you a repair kit and shipping costs so don't hesitate!

  • iPhone 6

    Repairing my Apple iPhone 6 smartphone

    Your iPhone 6 screen just broke after falling down the stairs? Your cup of coffee just spilled on your iPhone 6 smartphone? Don't panic! All is not lost. Parts Apple iPhone 6 for sale online in our Discountmymobile store can help you fix it.

    Apple iPhone 6, a widescreen smartphone

    A model of the 8th generation of smartphones marketed by Apple, the iPhone 6 boasts a beautiful design with a Retina HD touch and multi-touch LCD screen. Unlike previous iPhone versions of Apple, this iPhone 6 smartphone stands out for its generous screen size that makes 4.7 inches. Its high-definition Retina display improves image playback and visibility.Comes with an IOS 8 operating system, it features an iSight camera with an 8-megapixel sensor.

    How do you refurbish this sophisticated smartphone when it's damaged? Thanks to discount offers offered by Discountmymobile!

    Detached parts apple iPhone 6

    Finding a brand new iPhone is possible! You can repair the imperfections of your iPhone with the partsApple iPhone 6 available in our shop. Whether it's your front or rear camera module that doesn't respond, the screen stays black, the battery no longer deigns to hold the charge, your iPhone 6 no longer picks up the network, the home button or touch pane no longer responds to your finger, or the shell is scratched... we have the solution to repair all these small hazards at the lowest price.

    Visit Discountmymobile's iPhone 6 spare parts department and make your choice.

  • iPhone 5S

    Helping my apple iPhone 5S smartphone

    Apple's high-end smartphone, the iPhone 5S has a 4-inch screen and offers a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. It has a homemade A7 chip and the brand's first Apple fingerprint reader, you really like it and you don't leave it anymore but to your great despair it fell to the ground and it is now totally cracked up and down the screen... Plus the rear hull in the fall really scratched and it doesn't look like much anymore...

    It wasn't in the budget of the month to buy a new phone so why not replace the broken glass screen of your iPhone 5S and its rear shell and thus restore it to its splendour of the early days.

    Discountmymobile offers replacement parts and screens to allow you to repair your precious iPhonephone in complete serenity and without breaking the bank.

    We deliver FOR FREE all over the world, welcome to the Discountmymobilestore.

  • iPhone 5C

    spare parts or cheap LCD screen iPhone 5c

    Is your iPhone 5C's screen completely blown up? Placed on the roof of your vehicle, it did not withstand the fall and you pick it up on the bitumen with the screen completely broken ... You do not want at all to spend a fortune to have it repaired or to go and buy a new one because it suits you very well ...

    In this case what to do to repair the broken screen of your iPhone 5C?

    Order a replacement iPhone 5C touchscreen LCD at Discountmymobile and bring your beloved iPhone back to life.

    Is your iPhone 5C no longer charging? He's not picking up the network anymore? Did you misplace the sim card drawer? Visit the Repair Parts section of the Discountmymobile site and you'll easily find the parts needed to refurbish your device.

  • iPhone 5

    Is your smartphone screen Apple iPhone 5 broken?

    The screen on your iPhone 5 has just dropped.

    You always hear him react to the touch but no more images ... What can I do? Drop my phone off at Apple's to get it fixed? Opt for a phone renewal? These options are quite expensive and for this Discountmymobile offers you "THE SOLUTION" the most economical! Repair your broken iPhone 5 screen yourself with our new screen repair kit and dismantling tools.

    Bring your iPhone 5 back to life for cheap.

    Visit our iPhone 5 repair parts department and discover a whole bunch of parts for an efficient refurbishment of your smartphone Apple.

    Discountmymobile offers a continuous discount on iPhonerepair parts, enjoy in!