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How do I fix the screen on his iPad tablet?

Did the screen on your Apple ipad tablet just break? Do you want to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers screens in its shop dedicated to tablet parts and screens suitable for all the different smartphone models of the ipad brand. Search, find, order and have the screen you need to get your iPad tablet back up and running for free.

Owning a tablet Apple iPad is a sign of belonging to the elite of society. The tablet can be used professionally, personally or with a family and allows you to stay connected everywhere, work or simply play. As a result, if your iPad encounters a problem, either because of a whimsical touchscreen, the battery that no longer holds the road, the camera or another component essential to its operation, you will find all the screens and all the iPad spare parts in our discountmymobileonline store. With our tablet repair parts Apple iPad,you can fix and fix your tablet's problems. We offer spare parts kits Appleto extend the life of your tablet and with our advice, you can easily make the repair. Don't hesitate to pass and discover our iPad spare parts.

Our tablet repair screens Apple iPad

Any shock or fall is likely to affect the health of your iPad tablet and finally, you will have a cracked screen, scratched or completely broken, the touch will no longer work, the LCD screen will no longer display any images etc... The solution is to replace it. If you have an iPad Mini 2 or iPad Mini 3,our iPad Mini 2 or 3 LCD screen repair kit is for you. This kit includes an LCD/TFT screen, a protective tempered glass window, a 7-piece tool set, an original positioning stickers. This screen is new and original, it is a size of 7.9 inches, for resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Similarly, if you have an iPad 5 and you have problems with the screen, just use this repair kit to refurbish it. This includes a 9.7-inch LCD/TFT screen for 2048 x 1536 pixels, an original positioning sticker, a 7-piece tool kit for replacement and a tempered glass protective glass. No matter the model of your iPad tablet(iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad 5, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro,etc.), you'll find new screens adapted and easy to assemble.

Breaking your screen will no longer mean the death of your tablet and no matter its color, features, you'll find everything you need in our online store. The great advantage here is that you can repair your full iPad tablet screen at home and save money. As environmental preservation is an absolute necessity for everyone, there is a great interest in repairing your iPad tablet instead of throwing it away and polluting the environment.

Our other iPad spare parts

iPad tablets offer good battery life, but over time, it can shrink and become a problem. Unless you're walking around with your charger, you'll need to change your battery to find a comfortable daily life and a certain freedom of action. To this end, we've selected original quality batteries for all youriPadmodels.

This is the case of this original iPad Pro 9.7'' battery compatible with any iPad Pro 9.7'' (A1673 / A1674 / A1675). This one is a 3.80 V Lithium battery and has a capacity of 7,300 mAh. It comes with a set of 7-piece dismantling tools and as a gift attachment adhesive to make it easier to disassemble and reassemble your battery. Our experts have selected and tested batteries for all iPad models to make it easier for you. With our quality products, you can easily change the battery of your tablet.

In addition to batteries, you'll find other spare parts Apple original iPad such as charging connectors, front and rear camera modules, tablecloths for antenna signal reception, on/off power ignition, up and down volume, rear shells, home buttons, etc.

Discountmymobile Contact and Personalized Service

We try to always be up to date on new repair parts and iPad screens but due to the frequent release of new models you may not yet find the part you are looking for on our Discountmymobilewebsite. Don't worry, if this is the case, you can now contact our team via online chat or email and we will do everything possible to make the desired part available to you (subject to availability from the factory).

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