Nubia Z17S NX595J

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1 display - 2 / 2 articles

Smartphone Nubia Z17S NX595J

The French company Archos announces its association with the mobile group of China Nubia. The brand has just launched the Diamond Omega smartphone on the market in 2017. It is one of the Archos smartphones most awaited by fans. It is the adapted version for the French market of the Nubia Z17S NX595J model running with a Snapdragon 835, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage.

The Z17S ZTE smartphone technology card

The Diamond Omega, known as Nubia's Z17S model, is a smartphone with a wide 5.7-inch screen and a 2040-by-1080-pixel IPS LCD display with full HD resolution. it has a 17:9 format totally different from the 18:9 format that smartphone enthusiasts at Discountmymobile are used to seeing. The corners of the screen are perfectly rounded, the edges are greatly reduced, especially for the side edges. In addition, the screen occupies 85% of the front surface, making it easier to handle. The Chinese Z17S smartphone then takes up the new formula of the moment, that of devices with superfine borders to obtain a large screen in a smaller phone body.

Camera performance

The Chinese smartphone Nubia Z17S NX595J or theArchos Diamond Omega has four powerful cameras. Both are located at the back of the device and just above the fingerprint sensor. The other two cameras are at the front. The rear cameras are 12 megapixels in reference to Sony IMX 362, f/1.8) and 23 megapixel of the Sony IMX 318, f/2.2. Front-facing cameras are also capable of capturing images with satisfactory resolution.

Processor performance, RAM and storage

The Chinese mobile Nubia Z17S NX595J works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB of LPDDR4X referenced RAM. The device has a storage memory of up to 128GB.

Battery life

As for the range of theNubia Z17S NX595J, the battery has a capacity of 3100 mAh, it also benefits from the new Qualcomm Quickcharge 3 technology. The device recharges quickly in 5 minutes for 5 hours of battery life.

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