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Réparez votre smartphone Blackview BV9500 au meilleur prix !  There are 7 products.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Replacement parts and screens for smarpthone Blackview BV9500

The Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Blackview is well known in the world as a structure that knows how to develop products of a quality and above all of a robustness like no other. The technical power of its phones is no longer to be demonstrated. The smartphone Blackview BV9500 for example is a marvel both hardware and software. So it's perfectly normal that you gave in to its charm and bought it. However its robustness has been limited and after a terrible shock the phone has been damaged. What to do, choose our spare parts Blackview BV9500? ?

Discountmymobile: always at your service

In some cases, it can be quite complicated to imagine that you can fix your phone. But our solution will ensure that you do not pay hundreds of euros to buy another one. Our online screen and spare parts sales platformBlackview BV9500 is a must to get your device back on its feet no matter what the failure. In addition, these are available at a value for money all simply unmatched in the current market.

The Blackview BV9500 is very heavy and robust and this is partly caused by its huge battery of 10,000 m Ah. This one provided you with a monster battery life of several days or even weeks. Are you really going to let go of such a rare product because of a shock that put the 5.7" screen of your smartphone out of control? Discountmymobile says no to that and offers you in this momentum a screen kit Blackview BV9500 Full HDtm of a size of 5.7", perfect to change yours that has unfortunately been damaged.

New and as perfect as the original one, every display like any other product on the platform meets specific standards. This includes security, compatibility and many other parameters. So you don't have to panic. With Discountmymobile,you can magically repair your blackview 9500.

Sometimes, in a rush of clumsiness, the rear hull Blackview 9500 of your device becomes seriously damaged, becoming quite dangerous. It is responsible for protecting your phone's internal elements from water and even dust. So in case of excitement, it is your whole phone that is insecure. To remedy this, Discountmymobile offers replacement shells blackview 9500 certified IP68. Solid, powerful and especially designed for this masterful smartphone.

Many other spare parts blackview 9500 are available on our platform. Elements that will allow you to find a smartphone as new and functional as it was on the first day. So why give up 64GB of storage memory, 4GB of RAM and many other useful settings because of an unfortunate shock when you can smile again thanks to Discountmymobile.

Closer to you

Discountmymobile every effort to stay closer and closer to you. This goes through the multitude of services designed and put in place to help you repair your phone more easily. 24 hours a day, you can contact our various services for various needs that is also the spirit Discountmymobile.
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