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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Find the replacement screen for my smartphone Blackview A30

blackview is an American company that for some years has already produced entry, medium, and high-end smartphones that compete rather well with the best phone brands in the world. The robust stylus that the firm's engineers offer to all their devices makes them solid and proof of almost anything. This is the case for example of the blackview A30 which combines this solidity with rather impressive technical characteristics. Indeed, this jewel has a 5, 5-inch-sized screen running on IPS technology. Equipped with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, this is the perfect device. So it's quite normal that you have given in to its particular charm and elegance. However, your A30blackview may experience malfunctions such as a black screen, an unusual color play, or even fluidity concerns. This may be due to a shock or other unintentional phenomenon. Discountmymobile is in this kind of situation the right platform to get your smartphone back on its feet by spending 3 times nothing.

blackview A30: a new era for spare parts

Why are you thinking of parting with your blackview A30 with which you have experienced so much adventure because of an accidental fall when you can repair everything with a click. Discountmymobile is the perfect platform for 5.5-inch diagonal IPS displays at an incredible price.

Simply and easily, transform yourself into a modern-day technician to get your phone back on your feet, thanks to the dismantling tool set that accompanies the purchase of your screen with a resolution of 1132 X 540 pixels. This will save you money and bring you a little more knowledge in the field.

At Discountmymobile,we never do enough for you. So, if you realize that at some point the phone is overheating, turning off on its own or crashing, why not order one of the spare parts of your blackview A30 that we have in store. They meet the international standards set by the brand blackview itself. This means they are likely to work with your phone which is equipped with a 2GB motherboard of RAM and 16GB of storage. All added to an overpowering Quadcore-type processor.

If after two or three years of use your hull starts to make your own, why not visit our range of top quality A30 pour blackview hulls. With exceptional strength, you can regain the resistance your phone had at the very beginning of your story.

An ever more pleasant proximity

At Discountmymobile,your needs are our source of motivation. So, whatever your need in terms ofscreens and spare parts of blackview A30,you just have to contact us by chat or email. Our team of experts will guide you in order to effectively solve your problem.

Without further ado, go to our platform and find the elements you need to find a blackview A30 as new and functional as it used to be.

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