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1 display - 40 / 40 articles

Repair smartphone Honor Vintage

You have in your possession one of his jewels designed in the years2014, 2015, 2016 par Honor, but the screen made you false jump and made the soul for known or unknown reasons? Come on, don't bother panicking the whole solution is here. Discountmymobile. This platform that offers you a wide range of products that will simply make you dream of giving life to your smartphone Honor.

If you found an old man smartphone Honor at the bottom of a drawer and would you like to bring her back to life? It is quite possible and it is enough for you to visit the category Ancient Models Honor on the site Discountmymobile for find the replacement screen or repair room that will allow its rehabilitation.

Perfect yes, at home, you will find new and original screens perfect for old models of Honor such as Honor6 or even Honor7. This means that one screen or broken glass or exploded is not really a concern for you if you know or find the room to change. Indeed, nowadays, the screens of the old models of Honor like the Honor8 have often become very rare. But at home, we know that you can need it then we keep them according to the rules of art and they respond to many tests before being delivered to the bottom of your door. Say goodbye to the research puzzle screen and spare part for your Honor6. With us, it is the guarantee to find the ideal at a discount price and this without any other form of complication.

So the joy of finding screens and spare partss old models de Honor can only be caused by a visit to our website. Recover hope and get back on our platform quickly to enjoy many other repair pieces such as the different connection sheets, touchscreens, volume taps or on-off, charging connectors, camera/photo camera modules, replacement shells ...etc.

Discountmymobile, your repair partner

You can't find the room you're looking for? Contact our team via email or chat and we will be happy to contact the factory to buy this piece (if it is still in stock and available from the manufacturer).

The philosophy of Discountmymobile is to offer you the best repair parts at the best price, welcome in our universe.

  • Honor Note 8

    Smartphone repair Honor Note 8

    To try to compete with Samsung and its Note 7, Honor the other brand of Huawei releases its Honor Note 8 for our greatest pleasure. It features a 6.6-inch Super Almoled QHD display with a resolution of 443 pixels per inch. Just like the Huawei P9 and P9 plus it is equipped with the Kirin 955 processor which brings it a remarkable fluidity. Unfortunately you have just broken the screen of your smartphone Honor Note 8 and it does not delight you at all to take it to a repairman to make an overpriced quote ...

    The solution? It is at Discountmymobile that you will find it! Treat yourself to a complete touch screen Honor Note 8 replacement to repair at the best price and bring your precious Honor Note 8 back to life.

    The charging connector is also defective? Can't charge your phone normally? Opt for a new and original tablecloth replacement.

    Personalized service from Discountmymobile

    At Discountmymobile you will find all the repair parts for your smartphone Honor 8 and if the part you are looking for is not online, CONTACT OUR TEAM! We will search for it for you from the manufacturer and make it available to you.

  • Honor Magic

    Repair smartphone Honor Magic

    The Honor Magic is the brand’s first Edge smartphone Honor. Its 5-inch Almoled screen is curved on 4 sides and this "scab" shape looks pretty much like Galaxy S7. The Honor Magic is a real success by its design and by its always state-of-the-art functions. Alas your smartphone Honor Magic just made a plane and you pick it up with the exploded screen, it's completely disfigured. You have tears in your eyes to see your precious in this state. No worries because Discountmymobile is there and offers you a kit Full Screen lcd tactile glass Honor Magic to repair your smartphone at any cost.

    Discountmymobile offers you the necessary dismantling as well as a tempered glass of protection with your new screen and shipping costs are FREE !!!

  • Honor 8

    Repair smartphone Honor 8

    You just dropped the smartphone Honor 8 of your wife on the ground... It's cocoa, it's cata, it's disaster! It is in a thousand pieces with small pieces of glass all over the glass. You're gonna hear about it for a while... until you find a solution... and that's where it is Discountmobile helps you with a kit full screen Honor 8 new! Put it back smartphone Honor of your half as soon as possible and take possession of your requisitioned for the occasion.

    Discover in our ray repair Honor 8 a whole bunch of spare parts to repair the various evils of your smartphone. Here you will find the load connector table, fingerprint digital recognition table, screen support frame or back cover...etc. All parts available on the site Discountmobile in category Honor are original and covered by our 6-month warranty.

  • Honor 7

    Repair smartphone Honor 7

    The smartphone Honor 7 is simply a great device to the processor by Kirin 932, a GPU Mali T628 and 3GB of Ram. It is equipped with a fingerprint reader, a 20-megapixel camera and fast charging technology with which you fully charge it in 1h20 maximum. It's been a long time since you weren't as happy with a smartphone but to your great surprise you find it on your desktop the screen completely broken .... what happened? You'd like to know, in the meantime you have to find a solution and that's where it is Discountmobile intervenes with his Kit tactile glass Honor 7 to update your favorite phone.

    You also need the screen positioning chassis and the rear view Honor 7 The ?
    Welcome to the shop Discountmobile, the specialist of the repair room Honor Huawei original at discount prices.

  • Honor V8

    Repair smartphone Honor V8

    First smartphone at home Honor to offer a 5.7 inch QHD screen, the smartphone Honor V8 is the largest screen at home Honor. Boosted by the processor Kirin 950 who goes like a glove with his 4go Ram. It is excellent for the photo with its double laser autofocus sensor and double LED flash. Nothing will make you change your phone so you are happy with it, but here... it fell... and the front face is in a very bad condition... it is now impossible to make a call because the touch function no longer responds.

    What? Order a new one smartphone Honor V8 'cause you can't make it. It will be useless, you can save money and replace yourself full screen and touch glass Honor V8 thanks to the selection of repair screens proposed by Discountmymobile.

    Personalized service Discountmymobile

    Your smartphone encounters a load, network problem, you can no longer take a photo or better yet you have lost the sim drawer of your Honor V8 ? Whatever the piece you want, you can contact the team Discountmymobile by chat or email and we will be happy to contact the manufacturer to make it available to you.

  • Honor 5C

    Repair smartphone Honor 5C

    The smartphone Huawei Honor 5C came out shortly after the 5X in 2016, smaller with a 5.2 inch screen but still full HD 1920 x 1080p, iit has a brand new processor for the first time used and that fits it perfectly, the chipset by Kirin 650, still in Octa-Core enclosed between 1.7GHz and 2Ghz.

    He's beautiful, but one of your colleagues just shoved you and he's gone for a smashing descent on the stairs..
    n picking it up you notice that the window of your smartphone Honor 5C is all explodedWhat a bad day!

    Discountmobile offers a Kit Full Screen lcd tactile glass new to rehabilitate your smartphone Honor 5C in the best conditions.

    Is the back shell also damaged and scratched? Does the camera no longer work or does the smartphone simply take the charge? Visit the repair part radius Honor 5C of Discountmobile and make your choice. All our replacement parts are new and original.

  • Honor 5X

    Repair smartphone Honor 5X

    Replacement of the Honor 4X, the new Huawei Honor 5X is a mid-range smartphone of a format Phablette with 5.5" Full HD screen 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its aluminum design gives it a superb line and an excellent grip. But not very well awake you escaped it and it fell down the stairs completely splitting its screen horizontally. It's still about usable but for how long?

    Don't wait for him to leave you completely and replace it todaylcd touch screen Honor 5X thanks to the offer full screen Huawei Honor 5X only Discountmymobile propose.

    The contour and the back hull also seem to be damaged? Control the chassis / screen support and the full back cover Honor 5X to give it a totally new look.

    If it's a charging problem that you meet and your smartphone wants it more to recharge, we have the charging connector table Honor 5X available in stock to relieve you.

  • Honor 4X

    Repair smartphone Honor 4X

    After making the show during a beautiful fire party you realized that your smartphone Honor4X has spent a less pleasant time with as consequence a broken screen? No worries. There are many ways to catch up with this damage. The best being not to change your phone and by the same occasion lose all your data so valuable, but, to change your screen.

    To help you, Discountmymobile here. Indeed, we have in our gigantic library a 5-inch display panoply offering a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels. You will find thereplacement screen for your Honor4X. Therefore, it is not worth panicking. In a few clicks, you can find a convenient and solid phone. In addition, each of our products undergoes a series of very advanced tests to guarantee you superior quality accessories and unimaginable prices.

    With Discountmymobile all of us products are guaranteed 6 months (out of stock). This means that you can in case of worries send us back so that we can better satisfy you and put the smile on your lips. As you wait, quickly connect and order your new and original screens pour Honor4X.

  • Honor 4C

    Repair smartphone Honor 4C

    Discountmymobile is a revolutionary platform that offers you practical and cheaper solutions to effectively repair your smartphone. For problems ofscreen or spare parts Honor4C, all always find the resolution they need. So, for all of you smartphones Honor, that is the same thing.

    Indeed, find on the platform all the perfect products to replace broken screens and windows, microphone, speaker and even defective motherboards. With Discountmymobile It is therefore the satisfaction and guarantee of finding 5 inches HD screens with a definition of 1280 X 720 pixels. Back and front photo modules of 13 and 5 megapixels and many other elements just designed to suit your needs Honor4 C.

    No need to put your phone in the trash that you cherish so much and on the same occasion lose your data. With us, be sure to find a phone as new as on the first day of its purchase. In addition, make a gold case thanks to our prices so low that you will be impressed yourself.

    Discountmymobile, it is therefore the choice of quality at reduced prices. Why do you do all the time scamming by unscrupulous technicians. Refill your phone yourself in a working state thanks to us.

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