Quality Charter

Quality Charter at Discountmymobile

Discountmymobile your High Tech product specialist is committed to guaranteeing you quality products that meet the highest standards at all times, we are constantly innovating. Our techniques, control tools and our team of experts have developed a quality charter allowing us to ensure you the best product at the best price.

Discountmymobile: quality smartphones

To provide you with the best in terms of quality, we've developed two types of guaranteed smartphones that are 100% superior. Our quality charter, which is the result of our many years of experience and proven expertise, allows us to guarantee the best of every type of smartphone purchased from us, regardless of the brand.

Indeed, our smartphone reconditioning system iPhone or Samsung benefits from the best technologies in this field. At each stage of this reconditioning, various tests are carried out in order to ensure a quality, durable and highly resistant product. Thus, each smartphone undergoes a phase comprising 25 very rigorous tests coupled with an aesthetic verification attesting to the device's compliance. All our refurbished smartphones are guaranteed 6 months.

The new smartphones are all original, that is, they come directly from the brand's house. They are therefore delivered in their box with all their original accessories, Discountmymobile will make available these smartphones in global version (unless otherwise mentioned), which means in the jargon that it is an International ROM, so you can use it in all countries and in all languages. They are all unlocked and therefore free of any operator. Nbone New smartphones are covered by a full room and manpower warranty of 12 months.

Discountmymobile: repair screen

is the specialist in all categories of screens and spare parts for smartphones. We have therefore made the quality of these repair parts a real obsession, indeed, our mink is to bet on the quality of the products we sell you. To do this, we have developed a quality charter that allows us to ensure what we offer our customers.

This need for quality, updated by unprecedented quality control, leads us to collaborate with many of our partners' production plants. We are therefore sure of the strength and durability of the repair screens we deliver, since they are tested in every detail. Our knowledge of the manufacturing criteria of these screens allows us to carry out a series of very methodical and rigorous tests covering every aspect of these criteria.

The repair screen is therefore tested with state-of-the-art tools specially designed to check certain screen settings and ensure compliance. The touch part is also tested on the entire screen, a colorimetry test allows us to check the quality and quantity of pixels of the screen. In the end the solidity of the connection sheet is also checked, once these quality checks are carried out Discountmymobile is ready to deliver your repair screen with a 6-month warranty (excluding breakage, bonding, scratches ...).

Discountmymobile: products to standards

has a concern to retain its customers thanks to a unique satisfaction, quality being an essential criterion, all our products meet the European standards CE - RoHS. We work with reliable and professional suppliers with whom we carry out daily quality checks.

Every product sold undergoes a battery of tests according to our quality charter. Our partnership with laboratories and teams of excellent engineers allows us to be equipped to provide you with products that meet all the standards and characteristics required in the order.

Our expertise also covers the software aspect of smartphones, so we are equipped to test the software aspect of our devices and thus ensure their effective functionality before any sale.

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